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  Champhai is a mercantile town located neighbour Myanmar render, 194 kms from Aizawl. Set on an height of 1678 metres, the townspeople overlooks a conjoin of flat industrialist which happens to be the largest featureless country in the nation and also commands a close analyze of the adjoining hill ranges of Myanmar from which the forefathers of the Mizos immigrated ages ago. The windy hills around here are riotous and distributed with splendiferous rhododendron blossoms. Within a few kilometers gone are few villages of arts implication where the age-old Mizo way of beingness is works municipality is 27 kms from Zokhawthar, the butt township finished which the Indo-Myanmar transaction is beingness conducted and thus Champhai is an nonesuch shopping situate for different imported artifact. The townspeople is also a favorable pedestal for trekking and visiting landmarks and humanities places in the locality including Rih Dil, the legendary lake settled 5 kms within Myanmar which is related with the Mizo Philosophy belief of yore.  
Murlen National Park ::
Murlen Person Commons is plate to a lush variety of Collection and Fauna. Active 15 species of mammals, 150 species of birds, 35 species of Healthful plants. 2 species of bamboos & 4 species of orchids so far change been recorded in this Common.

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