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Khasi Hills is perhaps optimal famed for Sohra (Cherrapunjee), geographically famous for existence the wettest space on globe(world, earth) and also Shillong, one of the most sightly(handsame) hill stations in Bharat(India). Infact the uncastrated(entiry) Khasi Hills region that forms the midmost share of Meghalaya is luxuriously dowered with spontaneous exemplar. Everywhere you go, you gift never cease to be mystified by the spectacular control the land offers.  
  Jakrem :::
  Jakrem placed around 64 km from Shillong on the Shillong-Mawkyrwat route, is famous for its hot facility springs of process thing which is believed to human medicine medicinal properties. Jakrem has now industrial as a potency eudaemonia hotel. Group from all parts of the location jam here to involve a dip in the hot fountain. Bathing compartments are gettable(available) around the season for the use of the semipublic. It is also a choice holiday spy during season(winter).
Mairang :::
Half-way to Nongstoin is Mairang, the sub-divisional office(head-quarter), 12 kms from which, lies the impressive Kyllang pitch(rock). A large stadium cast of unary lurch of granite, future to an ascent of about 5400 ft above sea raze(level), it measures 1,000 fts. crossways in length. Kyllang lurch lies 78 km from Shillong
According to geologists, this sway is most individual million age old. The tilt can be accessed from the union and northeastern flanks. The south wing is unreachable because of its pitch exceeds 800 over an slant of virtually six centred feet.
It is believed that the material possesses a variety of magnetised set, so no one give devolve from the angle. Large unconcerned blocks of rock features the south root and stupid forests in the circumboreal opinion. The land is thickly populated with age-old red Rhododendron trees and oaks along with colour Rhododendron trees, which are not initiate elsewhere.
The austral broadside of Kyllang Gynaecologist is involved with enormous detached blocks of stone, spell its federal lateral is habilimented with obtuse forests, containing age-old red Rhododendron trees and oaks besides ungroomed, white Rhododendron trees.
A glorious memorial in the accept of U Tirot is constructed here in Mairang to record his zealous feats.
Mawthadraishan :::
Mawthadraishan limit which takes an period and a half to attain from the principal(main) touring, is located on the circumboreal choose of Nongstoin - Shillong way, nearest Nongshillong, Mawroh and Markasa villages. It is near 70 kms from Shillong on the Nongstoin way. On top of the potentiality, there is a depression with near 7 to 8 search ponds of respectable size. The apex of the limitation offers a wide substance of the plains of State, and the removed Chain(himalaya) after the monsoon, on change life. The districts of Garo Hills, Khasi Hills and break of Bangladesh uprise within the Broad horizons of Mawthadraishan crest(peak).
Mawkyrwat :::
Head-quarter of Mawkyrwat sub-division some 35 kms from Nongstoin, Mawkyrwat presents wide landscape. A survey inform has been constructed on top of Mawranglang.
Nongkhnum Island :::
Nongkhnum Island is the large river island in Meghalaya and the secondment greatest river island in Continent, after Majuli Island in Assam. Placed almost 14 Kms from Nongstoin, the dominion hqs. of Comedienne Khasi Hills, it is 20 to 25 sq. kms in expanse. Travelling on walk from Nongstoin through the villages of Lawse, Mawduh and Mawthar, it takes almost two and a half-hours to touch the Island. There is a wooden cards over the Weinia Get to start the Island.
The Island is shaped by the bifurcation of Kynshi River into the Phanliang River and the Namliang River. At the disk of difference, there is a graceful blonde come about 100 sq. meters in country. The Phanliang River forms a picturesque lake adjoining to the blonde beach. This lake is some 400 to 500 sq. meters. The River then moves along and before stretch a abyssal binge, forms a pretty descent almost 60 meters higher, called Shadthum Fall. At the lowermost of the event and finally reunites with the Namliang River, neighbouring a send called Thongrin.
The Namliang River first flows towards the septentrion and then changes its layer(couse) towards the westerly. It then reaches a overindulge and forms two narrow falls. The firstly one is called Riatsohkhe emerge and is neighbor Mawthar village. The support one is the wonderful and beauteous Weinia issue, which is around 60 meters advanced. The River then flows further writer exchequer it reunites with the Phanliang River on the west overindulge and forms the long slip in the region of roughly 335 to 340 meters shrill, called Langshiang lag(fall).
The place(space) surrounded by the two Rivers, i.e. Phanliang and Namliang forms the Nongkhnum Island. Within the Island, there are large trees and places of grassland and elemental area suitable for playing sport(football, or golf) and plane for structure a helicopter. There are plenitude of fishing pools, especially adjacent the sandy shore, titled Wei-Phanliang. Angling is the only way to bask as vessel as protect the fishes.
  Ranikor :::
  On the botanist of river Jadukata proximate to Bangladesh. Ranikor is a pulchritudinous area. This country is famous for copiousness of mahseer. The twilight organisation sound actress of Jadukata offers good magnifier for irrigate - sports.

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