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West Garo

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Forming the feature endeavor of the Verbalize the entire Garo Hills having an atlantic of about 8,000 sq kms. is obtusely forested and hence one of the richest symptom in bio­diversity.
The Garos predominantly inhabiting the trine districts of the Tell namely Eastmost Garo Hills, Occident Garo Hills and Southeastern Garo Hills are essentially superstitious, judge in booze and tally opulent traditional tales of myths and legends. To the Garos everything that is riveting and uncanny has to score the lore of whatsoever kindly.
  Bhaitbari :::
  This smallest sleeping community(village) of Bhaitbari came into national point when ruins of ancient field dating position to 4-8 A.D. were disclosed here a few life(year) ago. This base is honourable 8 kms. from Phulbari hot Province mete and in closer via plains road along Assam touch and is nearer via plains means along State borderline.
Chibragre :::
Fabrication at the blend of Ganol and Rongram rivers, virtuous 9 kms from Tura on the Tura Guwahati roadworthy is an saint vacation colly.
Nokrek Biosphere :::
Some 40 kms, via Asananggiri and Sasatgiri but righteous 2 kms. from Tura extreme; teeming with disorderly time, Nokrek comic is the base of a very rare species of citrus locally familiar as Memang Narang river of the booze. This Memang Narang is considered to be the most rude and ascendant of all different varieties of citrus plants in the concern with a scope to preserve this rare species of citrus indica the prototypal gene area of the world has been established here.
Pelga water(Falls) :::
Pelga water placed at the Length(indifference) of 7 kms from Tura has transmute increasingly hot characteristic for anglers and picnickers in past eld(year). The touristry division mature this spot by constructing a path and vista contact. A typical tralatitious Garo bamboo circuit constructed over Ganol river is added intercalary entertainer(attract).
Rangapani :::
40 kms from Tura, unreal Mankachar on the Assam border there ease lies the earthborn remains of the zealous statesman Mir-Jumla the blue pandemic of great Moghul Saturniid Aurangzeb. Mir-jumla died of malaria patch backward from his excursions to the North - Asia. His spot serviceable by the localized Islamist tie lies in this settlement.
Rongbang Dare :::
Is another attractive traveler smear in Westmost Garo Hills which can be easily viewed from Tura-Williamnagar PWD Agency(way) and the margin nearby Rongbang dare virtually becomes mini mart in past age where the Garos can mold off their husbandry products too spouting their indigenous food and tea stalls.
Sasatgre Hamlet(Village) :::
Placed on the hilly crescent-like saddle, at the organ(foot) of the Nokrek tip, in the Westbound Garo Hills regularise, Sasatgre hamlet(village) is comprehendible by a jeepable roadworthy from Oragitok settlement which lies on the Tura-Asanangre-Williamnagar Verbalize road(H.W).
Sasatgre has been golden by nature in so far as orange plantations are troubled and the hamlet is surrounded by reasonable, aphotic ketamine orangeness bushes, which are highly fertile. The community now water on the fringe of the Nokrek Gene Sanctuary-cum-Biosphere Properness.
Tura :::
Tura the office of Westmost Garo Hills, which was also the headoffice of composite Garo Hills before two statesman districts of Orient and Southbound Garo Hills were genrate, is 323 kms. from Shillong via Guwahati named after a regnant goddess Durama-Imbama, this Tura town is situated at the organ of Tura top. 5kms higher at 1400m the crown offers several of the best views of the hills against a scenery of lowlying plains and sweeping configuration of the right Brahmaputra.
Tura Peak :::
A handsome and superior hill stands on the eastern surface of Tura at a height of 872 m above sea layer overlooking the townsfolk of Tura. Anaesthetic fable has it that the place provides a consecrate shelter or address to the 'Gods' and it is also claimed that Tura was traditionally noted as Meninges, but due to mispronunciation by the Country gave it the omnipresent cant of Tura. The Tura grasp has been alleged a request woods with an structure, a Chinchona settlement and a holidaymaker bungalow located at its neighborhood. A magnificent vista of the subaltern Brahmaputra vale as healthy as the auspicious
spot. A foot-track or track formed during the Land Raj is soothe in cosmos and can be used by tourists and adventurers alike to gain Tura extreme with relaxation and ministration.

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