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East Meghalaya

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Shopping :::  
Explore Shillong's huddled bazars for stylish souvenirs. Fortunate buys allow mounted butterflies, handwoven shawls, citrus honey, mortal mushrooms, Khasi dresses for women, pineapple, orangeness and separate product products.  
  Khyndailad (police bazar) :::
The many fashionable activity has a circumscribe of hotels, multi cuisine restaurants and shops that cater to every penury and liking, and is a touristed guess where people congregate in the evenings.
Favourite Shopping Outlets in Police Shop(market, bazar)
Meghalaya Handlooms & Handicrafts, Purbashree Emporium, State Emporium, Khadi Gramme Udyog. Also try Pianoforte Marketplace, Honour's Place, Dedar Mart, OB Shopping Paseo, Vishal Mega Outlet.
Lewduh (bara marketplace) :::
Also famed as 'Barabazar' is one of the oldest and Biggest traditional markets and patronage minpoint in the unit of point Bharat, Iewduh was originally placed in the chapiter of Hima Shillong-Nongkseh but was subsequent shifted to the verbalise position. The hub of craft and mercantilism, where most of the shopkeepers are women, it comes under the plain direction of the Syiem of Mylliem. Sure rituals are performed every twelvemonth within the industry extent acknowledged as "Khlieh Iew" where vast monoliths are erected. The devout function signifies invoking the blessings of 'U Blei Shyllong' - the Shillong God and also the industry divinity 'Ka Iew- Lei Hat-Lei Khyrdop', for occupation and dealings to wave and the upliftment of the scheme of Ri Hynniewtrep industrialist of the Khasi Express of 'Hima Mylliem'.

Location :- Home >> Shillong >> meghalaya, India
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