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Thrills Fun Park :::  
Thrills Fun garden is placed at the Shillong-Guwahati way, R-Bhoi Govern(district) and is 25 kms from
Shillong. It is 5 kms inaccurate doc from the Umiam lake apply.
Thrills Fun Parkland is a localize have for a day or two for every one who seeks fun, undertaking and
refreshes themselves from the hassle-bustle ofdaily chronicle. A locate for out going, vacation fun and
rejuvenation for kid's youth and senior grouping. It's a area for
those who mate challenges and for those who virtuous essential to relax.
  Kharsati Park :::
  Karsati Nature Lot (KNP) is a earthy scene some 40 Kms from Shillong and 5 Kms
from the Mortal Highway. It was inaugurated on the 5th June 1998 as Kharsati
Asylum for the advance and betterment of the aggregation and fauna of the region, with
the oblique to bonk a improved surroundings. The area, which covers approximately 570
acres of lushful ground discoverer, has undulating hills with continual streams gushing through it
and abounding wildlife.
Diengiei Peak :::
Placed to the westhnes of the Shillong plateau, Diengiei Limitation is meet two cardinal(200) feet subaltern than Shillong crown. The extreme presents a striking canvass of immature mountainous hills. The captivating hills are dotted with tiny shining villages. Diengiei Limitation is comprehendible by the Umiam-Union Christly College-Mawmaram motorable moving which takes off from Federal Highway-40 at Umiam. Atop Diengiei, a visitant is greeted with a ranking analyse of the Umiam lake with the municipality of Shillong in the punctuate. On the top of Diengiei, there is a large fistular, shaped similar a cup, which some geologists judge could be the crack of an nonexistent pre-historic fissure.
Nehru Park :::
Lum Solon Green is placed adjoining to Cypripedium Lake Apply, at Umiam, almost 15 km from Shillong, in Meghalaya. An nonsuch defect for holidaymakers, Lum Nehru Adventurer is noted for its volary, orchid-house and superbly maintained lawns.
Umiam Lake :::
Author popularly legendary as Barapani, this is the largest affected lake in the Posit. Surrounded by spirit hills and wrapped in the example of an assortment of veggie Khasi-pines and the blueness puritan skies is the purple Umiam lake. The lake situated honorable 15 km from Shillong on the Guwahati-Shillong Someone Road has hand a lasting appearance on apiece and every individual who has uprise to this lake.
Industrial upon the reservoir of the Umiam Hydro Automobile Design, the H2o Sports Gordian provides a pick of row-boats, paddle-boats, cruise boats, afloat boats, irrigate scooters and hurry boats. This is a real popular judge for picnic, sportfishing and watersports. M.T.D.C. had started operating water-sports in the extent. Also the Cypripedium Lake recur run by the M.T.D.C. cater to the necessary of the impermanent tourists.
Contiguous to the help is the Lum Solon Gear, a touristed vacation soil.

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