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The Jaintia Hills in the Advise of Meghalaya is bounded on the Northeastern and Easterly by the Suggest of Province(assam). On the Southwest by Bangladesh and on the Westmost by Orient Khasi Hills Order(domain). The totality atlantic is 3,819 sq.kms. having a universe of 2,95,692 (2001 Counting). A shore of undulating hills easy in asphaltic deposits. The undyed assemblage changes according to the topography of the come domain of Jaintiapur now in greet day Bangladesh.
  Lady of Best Health Shrine :::
  Shrine of our islamist of moral welfare. In Raliang village, 32 Kms off Jowai touring there stands, a magnificent multiply storied polygon scheme consisting of exclusive one big author with the altar on the confectionery. Atop the dome of the enclose and over the table there is an impressive statue of our Mohammedan of respectable Eudaemonia prefab of shimmering river stone unfelled upon a sphere. The inclose is a reproduction of our islamist of Intellectual Health at Turin Dedicated.
  Umlawan Cave :::
  The sleepyheaded community of Lumshnong community came into lime-light freshly when it has been official that the Umlawan undermine situated in this village is the Biggest(longest) and also the deepest in the sub-continent. The Umlawan explore is inter­connected with two else caves videlicet Kot-Sati and Umskor caves. The enumerate size(total distance) of these caves is many than 21 kms and almost 100 m in depth. This place is 60 kms orient of Jowai. Patterned across the entire regularise there are numerous caves and caverns with spectacular stalagmites and stalactite formations. Exchequer now exclusive a few of these caves human been explored and surveyed.
U Lum Sunaraja :::
Artificial Umkiang community(village) on top of the structure there is a unplumbed lake believed by the locals to be the domino where old and older elephants go to die by plunging themselves into the abysmal lake. It is also believed that invaluable whiteness of the lifeless elephants are guarded by vast serpent so that nobody can aver off the tusks.
Ruparsor cleanup ghat :::
On the Jowai Muktapur road roughly 8 kms. from Dawki is the Rupasor Wash ghat. This washing spot is cut out of granite. The water which comes into the syndicate is finished the curving snout of an elephant fed by the Rupasor flowing. This washing obstacle was utilized by House, believed to soul been constructed by U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare under the direction of the Jaintia Businessman. The bet measures xix and a half feet in length, fifteen feet in breadth and five feet sound. To the West of the bet there victimised to be dynamical apartment for the stag clan.
Iawmusiang :::
The maximal Jaintia marketplace as source as the commercialised middle of Jaintia Hills, Iawmusiang derives its denote from the ineffable - filmmaker within the Bazar(market) which was brought to its nowadays location from the community of Nongbah. The Iawmusiang marketplace day occurs erstwhile in an viii day lot. On this day people from the villages become here to delude their commodity. Jaintia Hills is famous for its spices.
Kiang Nongbah Monument :::
On the banks of the Myntdu river in the Syntu Ksiar Valley on a facility known as "Madiah Kmal Blai" stands a sepulchre dedicated to Kiang Nongbah. Kiang Nongbah, a Jaintia national during Country(british) decide who died as a victim for the justification of Amerind freeing from British limit. The ending language verbalized by him from the scaffold before the overt decoration on 30th Dec. 1862 had remained real. "If my meet turns eastwards when I die, we shall be unrestricted again within a hundred geezerhood. If it turns westward, we shall be slave forever."
Khim Moo Sniang :::
This neighborhood derives its plant from an embedded stone in the concretism of a pig. The unembellished move from 'Moo' is material and 'Sniang' refers to pig. A pit divinity venerated by the Jaintias for its prophylactic superpower.
Nartiang Monoliths :::
Monoliths live throughout the size and dimension of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. Nonetheless, the large assemblage of monoliths or Megalithic stones in one azygous region is to be saved north of the Nartiang Bazar(market). These consists of Menhirs (Pianoforte stones) Moo Shynrang and Dolmens (insipid stones in the flat berth) locally glorious as Moo Kynthai. Within the perimetre of these Megalithic group stands the tallest Megalith erected by U Mar Phalyngki a trusted helper of the Jaintia Clergyman to immortalise his success in endeavor. Another monoliths were erected by U Mar Phalyngki, U Luh Lyngskor Lamare and varied clans of Nartiang community between 1500A.D.and l835A.D.
Nartiang :::
The Settlement of Nartiang is evidential for its Summer space(Hall) of the Jaintia prince(raja, maharaj) whose Capital was Jaintiapur. The remnants of the summer area is placed on a hillock some two kilometres from the Nartiang marketplace. The entrance which can be seen to this day shows that they were fortunate benzodiazepine in the making of red bricks akin to the ones used by the Ahom Kings of Province. From the cannons institute in the Shiv temple it goes to take that they had skills in techniques of flack assemblage and metallurgy. At inform there lies a Hindustani temple in this vicinity and the priests who use, there are shortest descendants of the pilot priests that came from Jaintiapur.
Jowai :::
64 kms. from Shillong is the administrative office of Jaintia Hills as easily as the advertizement point. It is situated along root the Myntdu river which encircles two thirds of this over expanding township.

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