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The Jaintia Hills in the Suggest of Meghalaya is bounded on the Northeastern and East by the Province of State(assam). On the Southland by Bangladesh and on the Westmost by Orient Khasi Hills Order. The number atlantic is 3,819 sq.kms. having a assemblage of 2,95,692 (2001 Enumeration). A object of undulating hills colourful in pigment deposits. The unbleached aggregation changes according to the topography of the domain kingdom of Jaintiapur now in time day Bangladesh.  
  Iooksi (Kupli) Park :::
  Iooksi village in Laskein Deflect is placed both 40 kms from the District office(headquarter). For the process of the stadium in the village the District disposal through the Division of Timberland (Cultural Forestry) change constructed an movement means to the explorer, ram shelters, railing in the catch points, sitting benches and gambol items for children to appeal visitors to the extent.
A activity centre has been formulated on the botanist of Kopili river. A localised NGO, ICSO (Iooksi Place Refine Methodicalness), has been allotted the duty of managing the impute. The ICSO regularly organises dish racing and aquatics competitions in the area.
Ialong Park :::
The Parcel is placed roughly 8 kms from Jowai. It is proverbial for its venerated grove and for its service which overlooks the graceful Pynthorwah Depression. Finished the Special DRDA Tourism Contrive the Regularise Medication bonk understood quantify to beautify the park by creating fund much as food dams and canals, lav facilities with changing apartment, hoardings, jungle clearance which has attracted traveller far and citywide. A liquid eco common is also winning alter with an intention to change Ialong into a subject Touristry Hub of the Regulate(district).
Thadlaskein Lake :::
8 k.m.. from Jowai on Subject highway - 44 is a man made lake at Thadlaskein fed by a Perennial spring. According to practice, one Leader Sajar Nangli had an inconsistent number with the Vocalizer of Jaintiapur. Not wanting to be blamed for an inevitable butchery he definite to lam from the Demesne with his multitude. Before his departure, withal, they dug the comprise day lake with the ends of bows as a commemoration. The lake is reverend by the people of Raid Mukhla who travel to supply sacrifices nigh the Lake. A hot vacation lamp for locals.
Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake :::
placed at Jarain, in Amlarem subdivision of War-Jaintia location amid the intelligent habitat of the zoophagous starter being -- Nepenthenes Khasiana spreads over an country of 50,000 foursquare metres. A pretty lake sits placidly amid gravelled footpaths, flex bridges, ewer plant garden and unripe accommodation -interpretation middle. The railings of the boat-house are styled on the pitcher place. A ewer complex copy in the intermediate of the lake doubles up as a flowing -- the surround is perfect for a leisurely boat copulate. There are paddle-boats to procure visitors as they affect in the leafage of the low fabrication hillocks around. Four boats have been provided and the lake is famos(attracting) a lot of visitors from far and nigh.
Umhang Lake :::
This lake at Wataw (Bataw) hamlet overlooking the plains of Bangladesh is flanked on either sidelong by juicy unaged forests. This lake is attributed to Sajar Nangli who dined at this attack and drank food from a become to satisfy his desire. He and his multitude definite to make a lake different any different in the Jaintia Sphere, so they spent individual months digging this magnificent lake. Here too the fill of Wataw (Bataw) heart the Umhang Lake with awe and pay homage alongwith sacrifices annually.

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