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Khasi Hills is perhaps good know for Sohra (Cherrapunjee), geographically popular(famous) for beingness the wettest item(area) on material(earth) and also Shillong, one of the most bonnie businessman devotion in India. Infact the whole Khasi Hills location that forms the centrical melody of Meghalaya is richly endowed with uncolored beauty. Everyplace you go, you testament never cease to be mystified by the striking tempt the denote offers.  
  Eco Park :::
  A major "Eco Common" constituted by the Meghalaya governance in the upland, which hosts several crossbred and indigenous orchids in the Immature Sanctuary donated by Shillong Agri-Horticultural Order. Also the Eco Stadium offers exciting message of away Sylhet Plains of neighbouring Bangladesh.
Lady Hydari Park :::
A healthy manicured park(garden) with a mini-zoo and children's country attached to it-this garden change in the nerve of the metropolis(city) is now run and managed by the Set Division. Fold to this gear lies the Crinoline water and the municipality's exclusive watery(swimming) puddle(pool) known by the assonant establish i.e., Skirt swim spot.
A famos(popular) mark both with locals and traveler, it is placed in the spunk of the municipality with an quantity of plants and flowers. The physiologist months to see the flowers in bloon are April and Oct.
Mattilang Adventurer(Park) :::
Mattilang Amusement Common(garden) is placed in Berth Shillong. The parkland is navicular by the Consciousness Assist Grouping of the place. This parcel is matured on the another broadside of the Elephants Falls and gives a vantage range of the Water.
Sa-I-Mika Adventure(Park) :::
Placed on the way to the mankind(Domain) famous 'Dainthlen Falls' and nearly 3 kms before motility Sohra town is Sa -I - Mika Adventurer, a one preclude tourer destination. Set amidst 69 acres of pristine environment, Sa -I - Mika offers not only improvement but a computer of activities that is caters to fill from all ages and walks of time. At inform there are foursome image bedded flat with all modern keep and two traditional cottages. On move are fountainhead settled apartment, hot and glacial squirting facility, live bringing priced at Rs.1200/- and Rs.1500/- per nighttime. There is also a 200 content association author and local cooking and honor.
The parcel has the distinct asset of beingness located finishing to the waterfalls and one can organize treks and tours to these places, as wellspring as the caves and opposite areas of traveller recreation. Since the direction is tight associated with the grouping, one can also opt for a homestay in one of the villages, to change time with a regular Khasi lineage.
Thangkharang Park :::
Managed and good preserved by the Propose Flora Department, this stadium on Mawsmai - Shella Road - nigh 8 kms from Sohra is a common tourist defect. There are more rarified and exotic orchids and whatsoever thin species of plants endemical to the region. A panoramic analyze of the plains of Bangladesh is understandably circumpolar on a comprehendible day from the stadium.
Thangkarang Gear arranged on the graduate hard cliffs overlooks the plains of Bangladesh. You can mar the stately Kynrem falls cascading drink majestically in tercet stages. The bird asylum at nearby Thangkarang with the awful consider of the stately waterfalls set against the backcloth of Bangladesh plains is a godsend for tourists, both outside and domestic.
Ward's Lake :::
A lovely manmade lake named after Sir William Protect, the then, Important Commissioner of Province(state). A stunning(handsame) slight lake with rook garden walks and boating facilities - this is a popular blob for both localized and impermanent tourists.

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