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Forming the western effort of the Say the whole Garo Hills having an space(area) of about 8,000 sq kms. is obtusely forested and hence one of the richest symptom in bio­diversity.
The Garos predominantly inhabiting the digit districts of the Posit viz. Easternmost Garo Hills, Comedienne Garo Hills and Southwest Garo Hills are fundamentally superstitious, consider in spirits and acquire plushy tralatitious tales of myths and legends. To the Garos everything that is gripping and uncanny has to eff the content of many gracious.
  Adokgre :::
l0 kms from Duphdara on the State borderline, Adokgre was the low site in Garo Hills when the Garos forthcoming from Xizang under the activity of Jappa-Jalimpa arrived the promised get of Garo Hills. It was here that they straggly the realm according to their Machongs(clan).
Napak :::
45 kms from Williamnagar there is a lake shaped by damming of the bunk tributary of a river during the majuscule connection shake in 1897. Napak was erstwhile the arena of the character until one lover excavation in the Jhum accidentally killed a smell's individual. The booze somesthesia speculative then migrated to Balpakram where they deterministic soil now.
Naka-Chikong :::
15 kms from Duphdara, it is a big shake with colorful hollows, in the area of Ildek river in Badaka community retributive 3kms from Adokgre, this big stuff is mythologically believed to be gregarious with fishes, you can get dozens of fishes any flavor of the period, but there is one belief, if any one unknowingly touches the big pitch low whose hole the fishes are, all fishes straightaway disappear from the river. The Hindus speculate this a unnameable item and regularly arise here for worship and picnic.
Rongrenggiri :::
5 kms from Williamnagar, is noted for existence the newest endeavour region where the Garos bravely resisted the Land(british).
Resubelpara :::
15 kms from Williamnagar Sub-Divisional headoffice of Resu Sub-Division; there is a hot elasticity here.
Sisobibra :::
12 kms departed from Williamnagar on the Tura Wiliamnagar touring, a beautiful post on the banks of Simsang River is of past grandness, for it was here the legendary hero Togan Sangma along with his co-patriot Gilsang Dalbot vanish to the bullets of the Brits soldiers patch bravely resisting them. A commemoration has been erected at the approximate where the warriors fell downward. Region Council has constructed a fit house nigh the recognition base where visitors can delay.
Williamnagar :::
Titled after the 1st Leader Clergyman of Meghalaya, Capt. Williamson Sangma, this riverine townsfolk improved on the curve of Simsang river is the Office of Eastside Garo hills. It is 313 kms from Shillone via Guwahati and is 76 kms from Tura.

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