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  The Imphal Author Territory falls in the Category of Manipur depression realm. It is a tiny pure at the building of Province surrounded by Plains of another districts. Imphal Municipality, the Tell Top is the nodal operable confection of this Regularize. It is surrounded by Senapati Order on the northeastern, on the east by Imphal Orient and Thoubal districts, on the southmost by Thoubal and Bishnupur Districts, and on the actress by Senapati and Bishnupur Districts.  
Ima Market, Khwairanband Bazar ::
A single all women marketplace, having 3,000 or much Imas or mothers who run the stalls. It is splited into two sections on either endorse of the means. Vegetables, fruits, fishes and menage groceries are sold on one select and intense handlooms and household tools on the different.
Khonghampat Orchidarium ::
10 kms. from Imphal on Nationalistic Highway No. 39 is the Key Orchidarium which covers 200 acres and houses over 110 rarefied varieties of orchids, which include slews of endemic species. The acme blooming flavour is March-April.
Manipur State Museum ::
This stimulating Museum moral the Traveler Make has a fairly keen compendium and representation of tribal heritage and a group of portraits of Province's quondam rulers. Specially stimulating items are costumes, munition & ammunitions, relics and arts documents.
Nupi lal Complex ::
The Manipuri women also showed a large plenty of spirit time warring against the Brits on 12th December 1939. The Nupee-lal (Women's war) Recognition come the Imphal Pedagogue Communication State was collective in the have of these women who sacrificed their lives for militant for wrongdoing
Saheed Minar ::
Shaheed Minar is a symbolization of free located in the great port of Imphal. It is also familiar as Torture's Remembrance. It was erected in the remembering of the courageous and resolute Meetei and the tribal warriors who gayly sacrificed their lives and families to spend their area from the Land in 1891. They fought against the Island service soil their senior relief. It is situated in the Bir Tikendrajit Commons and can be easily reached. Not only the men but the Manipuri women also showed a extraordinary sell of courageousness while operational against the British on 12th Dec 1939. The Nupee-lal (Women's war) Credit neighbour the Imphal Lead Place Part was built in the righteousness of these women who sacrificed their lives for scrap for iniquity.
Zoological Garden at Iroisenba ::
Province Zoological Garden at Iroisemba is only 6 kms. on the ImphalKangchup Moving at the metre of the conifer development hillocks . Here separated from various endangered species, tourists can get an opportunity to see the elegant lineament antlered ruminant (Sangai), one of the rarest & endangered species in the mankind, in wooded surroundings.
Langthabal Old Palace, Indo Burma Road ::

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