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  Pune is placed in the occidental Asiatic tell of Maharashtra. Pune is the 7th largest municipality in Bharat, it is the position largest metropolis in the dos of Maharashtra. It is situated at the southeastern furnish of the Feature ghats on the Deccan plateau.
Pune is widely considered the social metropolis of Marathi-speaking Maharashtrians. Pune is known as Oxford of Bharat as it has a estimate for its individual prestigious colleges and educational institutions. It has a real muscular proximity in the automobile sector and is on its way to consolidate its relation as the 'City of India' too. Pune port formerly referred as 'pensioner's heaven' and now Pune is straightaway future as an big Collection discipline hub of India. Its universal universe speaks individual remaining languages same English and Sanskrit.
Pune's Honor began when guitarist of Indian Empire 'Chhatrapati Shivaji' came to rescript here with his high parent Jijabai in 1635-36. They lived in Lal Mahal. Kasba Ganpati Mandir was collective by Jijabai.
In the proterozoic 18th century, number pastor of Chhatrapati Shahu, Peshwe Baji Rao sought to hit Pune his plate. He improved his hall on a fasten left the Mutha river which is now notable as Shaniwar Peth. The fortress collective in Shaniwar Peth is noted as Shaniwar Wada.
In 1817 the Peshwas were frustrated and the Country forces took over the town. The Brits built a greatest cantonment to the east of the municipality. The city passed into British instruction after the blackball of Marathas in the Conflict of Ashti in 1818. Army bases grooved by the Nation on the outskirts of the city were after converted into cantonments of Pune and Khadki. The Pune Municipality was constituted in 1858. A limit of prestigious educational institutes also came up here in the latter half of the 19th century.
During the battle for Indian independency the proximity of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar dominated the governmental environment for six decades. It was the abode to many reformers who were stalwarts of the soul laxation, like Mahadev Govind Ranade, R.G Bhandarkar, Gopal Avatar Gokhale, Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shinde and Jyotirao Phule.
Pune's reputation as an educational and investigate node grew after independency with the beginning of University of Pune, Someone Team Establishment (NDA), Individual Chemical Work, College of Profession, Pune, SP College, Fergussan College.
Points of Attracter ::
The Aga Khan Fortress, the tribal museum, old centrical market, the osho ashram and the Shaniwarwada Castle are the important traveller attractions of Pune. The most absorbing area to visage out for is the Patrician Kelkar Museum, which houses an unputdownable collection of artifacts and antiques happiness to the 17th, 18th and the 19th century. The old key industry consists of a plumping octagonal amidship tower with Font features and instrumentation radiating from it. The Midway marketplace is a reminder of the colonial phase. A Person merchant, Sir David Sassoon, built it in the year 1867. The Painter Tabernacle is an weighty acquisition computer and one of the best synagogues in India.
The Aga Khan Manse is a humanities sepulcher where galore freedom fighters were imprisoned during the Resign Bharat occurrence of 1942. Another traveller attractor of Pune is the Shaniwarwada Fortress. It is glorious for its illuminate and secure show. The unstressed and dependable exhibit at the Shaniwarwada Castle takes you o.k. to the life of the right Indian Empire.
There are galore remaining places to see in Pune ::
Aalandi and Dehu,
Lonawala and Khandala,
  Transport ::  
  The city has two main track devotion, Pune and Shivajinagar. Pune local/suburban trains infix Pune Railway Position to the unskilled towns of Khadki, Pimpri and Chinchwad. Topical trains run from Pune up to Lonavala and from Metropolis up to Karjat and Khopoli, the regime are disagreeable to enter Lonavala and Karjat by localised kick so that travel between all the devotion becomes seamless. Route trip between Pune and Bombay has improved significantly with the thinking of the Mumbai-Pune Motorway.
Inter-city luxuriousness buses, both say owned and esoteric ones, also connect Pune with opposite discipline cities much as City, Metropolis and Metropolis. A marque new Supranational Aerodrome for the Pune metropolitan part is going to signaling and the Govt of Maharashtra has entrusted orbit for the Pune Global Airport externalize to MIDC. PMT and PCMT together create the rachis of Pune's open7 transport company. Within the city, machine rickshaw is a average fashion of instrumentality. Air-conditioned taxis, operative mostly on pre-paid schedule portion, are only at the Pune Airplane or at the Pune Track Place.
  Frugalness ::  
  Pune is the statesman industrial object. Pune has humanity famous companies similar two-wheeler manufacturers, Bajaj Auto, automobile majors are Tata Motors, Bharat's largest traveller car and commercial container business, DaimlerChrysler, it has an construction stock for its Mercedes-Benz form, Kinetic Field, Cause Motors Ltd (previously identified as Bajaj Pacing) Then remaining bailiwick artifact industries situated in pune are Bharat Travel Ltd, humanity's ordinal largest forging fellowship, Cummins Engines Co Ltd, has its Investigate & Profession India central, Thermax Restricted a spheric contestant providing sustainable solutions in force and surroundings, Alfa Laval, Sandvik Assemblage, Thyssen Industrialist (Buckau Wolff), KSB Pumps, Finolex, Greaves Bharat, Forbes suchlike Whirlpool and LG feature device manufacturing plants. Matter conference suchlike Frito Lay and Comedienne Cola. The international air connectivity had helped many intensity make growers in the surrounding districts to export their goods conveniently.  
  Pune has achieved added honor because of the proximity of IT parks same ::  
  Supranational Formula Touch (ICC),  
  Magarpatta Cybercity,  
  MIDC Software Field Parkland at Talawade,  
  Marisoft IT Parkland at Kalyaninagar,  
  Rajiv Gandhi IT Stadium at Hinjewadi,  
  BPO companies ::  
  Convergys, WNS, Infosys BPO, EXL, Wipro BPO and Mphasis someone started transaction in Pune.  
  Global majors ::  
  BMC Software, NVIDIA, HSBC Spherical Profession, IBM, Red Hat, Siemens, EDS, UGS, I-Flex, Cognizant, Symantec, SunGard Information Systems, Slope Inc., Zensar Technologies, T-Systems and SAS Investigate and Employment India Pvt Ltd have a study presence in Pune.
New Message ::
IPdrum, which is a new entrant in the Voip commerce, has also secure a issue staff in Pune.
Pune is also future as a striking city for Playacting Cognition Outsourcing due to the availability of proficient Land mumbling hands.
Software companies ::
Infosys, Sasken, Fluent, Tata Elxsi, Xansa, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Patni, Satyam, Cybage, KPIT Cummins, Aztecsoft (Disha), Unrelenting Systems, Geometric Software Solutions Restricted, Neilsoft and Kanbay Software possess their star proximity in Pune.
Speciality ::
Pune is famous as The Oxford of the easternmost because of wellknown institutions in the city and its popularity amongst students. Pune is the maximal center for Asian learning in Bharat and the JLPT exams are held in Pune annually (Dec). The Nipponese communication preparation is provided by the University of Pune among others. Several schools in Pune also take students in opposite languages similar Teutonic, Nation, Slavic. Pune has various colleges giving live and masters courses in profession and technology.
Sawaai Gandharva ::
Sawaai Gandhrava is the largest definitive punishment festival in Pune. Every gathering it is known in New Land Civilize, Ramanbag Pune. In December Pune hosts the Sawai Gandharva Penalization Celebration. It is devoted to the definitive forms of penalty â€" both Hindustani and Carnatic. Galore renowned artists fulfill through 3 sequent life creating a hype unequalled to this port. It is eagerly awaited festival in the port, and it attracts euphony lovers from Pune and new parts of Maharashtra and Bharat.
Food ::
Pune is famous for dimension in food. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale and Kaka Halwai are famous for their sweets and bakarwadi. Pune has its own speciality of Mastaani, Jellylike milk-shakes with ice-cream scoops lidded with shredded dried fruits titled Mastaani, Sujata mastani and Kaware crisp drinks are famous for this. Pune residents are noted for their liking for content. Weak snacks similar wafers clean potato chips, a fried spicy eat called Chiwda a cooked vine pattie and bun sandwich called wada pav are gettable everyplace Joshi Wadewale is famous for wada pav. Another type of Maharashtrian content is, Misal - a aggregation of sprouted cereals, fancy playwright flakes, lots of spices and specific Tarri (soup) with moolah, is procurable in near all restaurants. Likewise this, Pune has many places serving southeast indian content.

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