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 Amaravati is situated in the correct edifice of the septrional mete of the Maharashtra State. Fabric, jowar and tur (legume) and oranges are the primary productions of this city, prevarication at the Tapi basin. In this port there are umpteen tourists attractions traded here.  
Ambadevi Temple ::
It is believed that Lord Krishna abducted Rukmini from this temple. This temple is situated in the nerve of the metropolis.
Satidham Temple ::
Satidham Tabernacle is situated in the courage of the city at Rallies Scheme, the tabernacle has scenic idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, Peerage Ram and Sita, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Satiji. A sportsmanlike is formed on the time of Krishna Janmashthami every year. Huge devotees aid the evenhandedly.
Shri Bhakti Dham Temple ::
Temple is situated at Amravati Badnera Roadworthy and has pleasing idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. There is also an god of Shri Sant Jalaram Bappa. There is a gnomish common for children down this temple.
This is one of the coffee-growing areas in Maharashtra. This comic utilize in the Vidarbha location is situated at an height of 1118 meters above the sea state. Chikhaldara has a wildlife bema with copiousness of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls, it is a very hot summer area.
Wadali Talao ::
Talao is situated 3 km off from the Amaravati Inhabit on Chandur Railway Agency. This Wadali Talao was improved for cleanable and novel nutrient furnish to Amravati Cantonment. There is a littler garden with a zoo here. This is one of the unexceeded places for kids. Grouping commonly grow here during weekends and enjoy boating.
Chatri Talao ::
Chatri Talao was collective in the assemblage 1888 on a young outflow titled Kali Nadi. This talao is situated 1 km off from Dasturnagar Angulate on the Malkhed Railway Roadworthy. This petite reservoir was improved to furnish intemperance installation to Amravati municipality now it gets nutrient from Berth Wardha Dam. A bitty garden and seafaring artifact is also gettable here.
Melghat Tiger Reserve ::
Melghat area was announced a Somebody Request in 1974. the summate extent of the Reserve is 1676.93 sq. km. It is situated in Chikhaldara and Dharni tehsils of on the Satpuda hill potentiality. It spreads over an region of 1676.93 sq km. It is one of the finally remaining habitats of Indian tiger in Maharashtra.
Wan Sanctuary ::
Wan Shelter is situated at Melghat atlantic of Amravati regularize. Mainly it is an lengthiness to the Melghat Bema on the south endeavor. This hilly cliffy terrain has hot dry broadleaf forests. This country is opulent in floral and faunal biodiversity.
This mend structure utilise in the Vidarbha realm is situated at an height of 1118m above the sea place. This is one of the coffee-growing areas in Maharashtra. Chikhaldara is filled of esoteric valleys with replete of velvet cover and regal trees. Having a wildlife sanctuary with copiousness of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls, it is a very popular summer area.
How to Reach ::
To gain Amarawati, Nagpur is the nighest airport (155 km). Nagpur is the statue of the diverge product of Central Railway on Mumbai-Kolkotta main line. It is well connected by road with the important towns and cities within the state and outside the state.

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