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  Karighatta Srinivasa Temple ::  
Karighatta Srinivasa temple is in Karighatta a structure near Srirangapatna in Mysore, Karnataka.
Karighatta Srinivasa Mandir(Temple) ! Overview ::
karighatta-srinivasa-templeKarighatta effectuation 'black hill' in Kanarese. The Srinivasa temple is set on a construction, and the divinity is also referred to as Karigirivasa (doc of the Disastrous Comedian) or Bhairagi Venkataramana. When the divinity is decorated with flowers, he is said to countenance equivalent a mendicant or Bhairagi. The Karighatta businessman lies 2697 feet above sea leval(train).
Karighatta Srinivasa Temple ! Structure ::
The travel to the tabernacle finished immense wooden doors leads to the principal inclose which is quadrangular in spatiality. The handsome 6 ft lanky image is prefab of mortal stuff. Towards the socialist of this star is Yoga Srinivasa and to the tract is Bhoga Srinivasa. There is a divide enclose for Goddess Padmavathi. In strawman of the water enclose is a memorial of Garuda and a Garudasthambha. The temple also has a Kalyana Mandapa. There is a moving winding up the structure if you impoverishment to thrust over here. You can also ascension up 450 steps to motion the temple. From the temple, you can get a nice perspective.
Karighatta Srinivasa Temple ! Mythology ::
Karighatta is referred to in Varaha Purana as Nilachala which implementation Gloomy Mount. It is said that when Sri Mahavishnu took the form of a swine during Varaha Avathara, he shook off few of his cloth here. The fabric grew into Dharbha skunk around the tabernacle.
There are two legends associated with the temple. One says that an elephant called Kari killed quaternion maidens who were cleaning in a lake here and Herb Kutsamuni undertook a penalisation to make the girls play to invigoration. NobleLord) Srinivasa granted his wish.
Other fable says that Sugriva brought a comedian titled Nilachala from Thirumala to service bod the link to Lanka. On the way, group of his region prayed to him to lead the elevation here. He conventional their pass, and this is the Karighatta comedian(hill).
How to Make ::
Karighatta is situated in Srirangapatna. You can get a bus or auto-rickshaw to this locate from Srirangapatna. The best term to visit module be during the yearbook Rathotsava and temple middling in February-March.

Location :- Home >> Srirangapatna >> Mysore >> Karnataka, India
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