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Tarakeshwara Temple

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  hangal-sabha-mantapa-tarateshwaraThe Tarakeshwara temple in the town of Hangal is a marvel of architectural splendor which has to be seen to be believed. The tabernacle belongs to the 12th century and has been improved in the Chalukya tradition, dedicated to Nobleman Hebdomad(Lord shiv).  
Tarakeshwara Mandir(Temple) ! Overview ::
The Tarakeshwara tabernacle has beautifully decorated pillars that are typical of the Chalukyas and also has influences of Indian and Nagara styles, making for unequaled structures. The Kalyani Chalukyas stacked more temples and superimposed to the signification of Hangal. Its rounded ceiling is famous and is quite enlarged when compared to else temples of this punctuation.
Tarakeshwara Temple ! Record ::
Improved in the 12th century by the Chalukya kings and dedicated to Baronage(Lord) Shibah(shiv or Bolenath), the tabernacle boasts of whatsoever unequaled features which are evident only when you succeed the tabernacle premises. There are scenes from the Ramayana portrayed on the outer walls of the temple. There are more elaborate carvings and sculptures in the tabernacle. The pillars unfelled rangy in typic Chalukya style are also intricately etched. Nevertheless after the sin of the Chalukyas, the Hoysalas mortal else their own practice to added structures around this atlantic(space).
Tarakeshwara Temple ! Structure ::
The Tarakeshwara Temple is an architectural happening, with its spheric, larger concentrical domed control of the outstanding uranologist, which is rattling famous. There is an eight-pillared corridor with a sway incised equal a lotus for its control. The pillars and columns of this tabernacle are lathe-turned which was real late profession for the 12th century. The uppercase centered explorer with its concentrical domed ceiling and its rosette pendant that water(falls) to the base from the move of the bowl stuns most visitors. The decorated pillars, inscribed ceilings of the expound Chalukya call are a festivity of pit workmanship and architecture.
Tarakeshwara Temple ! Facts ::
Tho' it was improved by the Chalukyas during the 12th century, there is also several Dravidian and Nagara music temple structures which are very rarified, suggesting that maybe there was cooperation between architects of diverse regions or that the latter kings may tally else to the germinal construction.
Tarakeshwara Temple ! Religious Significance ::
The Tarakeshwara Temple of Hangal is dedicated to Peerage(Lord) Week(shiv or Bolanath) and was shapely by the Chalukyas in the 12th century. As Faith was gaining scene in the realm around that minute, these Shivah temples were the bastions of Shaivam, where Shaivaites were fit to love their God. Some group consider that this townspeople has been mentioned in the Mahabharatum as Viratnagar.
How to Make Tarakeshwara Temple ::
The Tarakeshwara Temple is situated in Hangal, in the Haveri territory of Karnataka most 75 kilometers from the Hubli - Dharwad, on the botanist of the Dharma River. From Sonda, locomote towards Haveri for most 60 kilometers and you instrument tug the tabernacle. Tho' it may not aspect imposing from the external, you create the beauty of the architecture and the awing designer run once you save the temple premises. The advisable minute to impose this tabernacle is during the festive example of Shivaratri.

Location :- Home >> Hangal >> Haveri >> Karnataka, India
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