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Mukteshwara Temple

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  The dominion of Haveri in Karnataka is speckled with hundreds of temples devoted to distinct Gods and Goddesses and improved by various dynasties in their own styles similar the Tongue(Dravidian), Hoysala, Chalukyas and Vijayanagara. The Mukteshwara Temple, devoted to Nobleman Hebdomad, motion on the botanist of the Tungabhadra River, is a penalty monition of the Chalukya structure.  
Mukteshwara Temple ! Overview ::
The temple is situated about 40 kilometers from the townsfolk of Haveri. The outer structures of the temple bang been superbly conserved regularise after centuries individual passed. The exteriors are crustlike with amazingly elaborated sculptures portrayal various events shape the puranas.
Mukteshwara Temple ! Record ::
The Mukteshwara tabernacle in Haveri order of Mysore is renowned in the archeologic circles because it was improved during the shift punctuation from Kilimukha to Veerashaivam, where different forms of Nobleman Shibah were eschewed in favor of the Lingam. This motion was spearheaded by Basaveshwara in Province and the early scriptures mentioning Basaveshwara are constitute here in Mukteshwara Tabernacle.
His people, titled Lingayats, practise this become of love change to this day. There are nonmodern Kanarese inscriptions on the tabernacle walls which acknowledge the Veerashaiva front for the firstly reading during the assemblage 1191. You can see the humanities grandness of this temple to scholars and archeologists.
Mukteshwara Mandir(Temple) ! Structure ::
The Mukteshwara tabernacle in Chaudayyadanapura hamlet in the region of Haveri is reasoned to be the best of all the temples of State(karnataka).
This is because story shows that it stands observer to the Kannada communication in the 11th and 12th centuries. It also signifies the agitate to Veerashaivam from the early work of Suddha Shaivam that was being experienced when additional perfection forms equivalent Nataraja were worshipped.
The inscriptions in the temple walls also show that the Gupta royalty ruled the location at the time, and that Magnate(king) Chandragupta Vikramaditya ruled from his put of commonwealth in Ujjain. Same the Bhrihadheeswara Temple in Thanjavur in Dravidian Nadu which contains a lot of information around the Chola kings on its inscriptions, the Mukteshwara temple too carries veritable content nearly the Gupta royalty.
Mukteshwara Temple ! Religious Significance ::
The Mukteshwara temple in the Haveri regularise is the conclusive temple when it comes to devout meaning. The uncastrated move in the attend of Lord Hebdomad from Suddha Shaivam to Veera Shaivam was spearheaded in this part during the 11th century and it is also rise tabulated here in the inscriptions.
This tabernacle(Mandir) is the most religiously large as it bears attestator to the Kannada Field(kingdom) of the medieval ages. The temple testifies to the greatness of Basaveswara who helped the Veera Shaivam front to turn and spreadhead crossways the whole Meridional Peninsula, as almost all the temples across the Southern bang only lingams installed instead of else perfection forms of Lord Shivah.
Mukteshwara Temple ! Facts ::
The Mukteshwara temple of Haveri is one of the most useful arts monuments in the advise of State as it carries genuine entropy on the order, its devout practices, rulers and their dynasties etc. during the 11th and 12th centuries.
How To Make Mukteshwara Mandir(Temple) ::
The village of Choudayyadanapura is about 40 kilometers from the town of Haveri. From Haveri you have to travel for about 25 kilometers on the road to Agadi and then take a right turn onto the Ranebennur road to reach the village of Choudayyadanapura. The best time to travel to this spot would be during the months of March and February.

Location :- Home >> Chaudayyadanapura >> Haveri >> Karnataka, India
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