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  Haveri is settled at a lenght of almost 340 km from City(bangalore). The identify Haveri is derivable from the Kannada text havu and keri, which means locate of snakes. Haveri is also famous for marketing Byadagi red chillies, which are shaft celebrated all over India(Bharat). It is said that Haveri had around 1000 maths (holy churchly places) in ancient days. One of the famous maths is Hukkeri Maths.  
Haveri regularise has a very privileged culture and tradition. The dominion is arrogant to be the change abode of Santa Shishunala Sharif, majuscule saint Kanakadasaru, Sarvagnya, Hanagal Kumara Shivayogigalu, Wagish Panditaru, author Galaganatharu, Ganayogi Panchakshari Gavayigalu, Gnyana Peetha Awardee Dr.V.K.Gokak and numerous many.
Haveri was also a subject midpoint of the Kalamukha pack in Bharat. 32 scriptures feature been excavated from here. Kaginele, a townspeople 15 kms from Haveri is a traveller destination as it is the spot of the astronomer Kanakadasa.
Haveri ! Record ::
Story of Haveri region dates to pre-historic point. Evidences are visible on world of pre-historic civilizations on the Tungabhadra and Varada river basins. Journalist carvings depiction Libber Age civilizations are saved in numerous parts of the district. Most 1300 sharpener writings of opposite rulers equivalent Chalukyas, Rastrakutas are initiate in the order. Though none of the educatee kingdoms of Province had their headquarters in Haveri, umpteen Mandaliks ruled in this govern(district).
Holidaymaker Attractions in Haveri ::
Bankapur peacock sanctuary
Bankapur peacock area situated in Bankapur community of Shiggon taluk, is meet 2.5 km from the Pune-Bangalore individual road NH-4, 22 km from Haveri town towards Hubli.This asylum is situated on 139 acres of area which has the remains of the historic Bankapura Gather.
The peacock asylum in Bankapura is the only secondment sanctuary in the state that is solely geared in the betterment and genteelness of peacocks.The screechy structure and recondite trenches of the occupation soul provided a perfect internal for these birds.
According to a scaly judge, there are solon than 1,000 peacocks and peahen in the bema. Also, marginal hominian participation has helped in the genteelness of these birds. They locomotion royally on the 4 km mound and also pole on vegetable trees.
Ranganatha Nagareshwara temple ::
Ranganatha Nagareshwara tabernacle is housed in ruins of the bankapura inclose the temple has 60 pillars incised out of hoar architect. There is also a attractive masjid in the enclose. The base is of past import to Jains. Adipuran, a Faith churchly matter was coolheaded here.
The townspeople of Byadgi is situated at a lenght of 15 Kms from Haveri. The town is wellspring famed for the Red Byadgi chile.
The latterly constructed mini Vidhana Soudha, housing the bailiwick governing offices, also draws a walloping signaling of tourists.
How to Make ::
By Airport :- The closest aerodrome is in Bellary, which is settled at a length of 119 kms from Haveri.
By Railways(Train) :- Haveri is joined with most of the metros suchlike City(mumbai), Bangalore and Madras(chennai) through symmetrical trains. It is nigh 7 hours by learn from City(bangalore).
By Road :- There is a good network of roads that connects Haveri to other important cities of the region. It is located on NH-4 towards Mumbai.

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