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  Bheemalingeswara Temple ::  
The Bheemalingeswara Temple is placed in Kaivara, a small townspeople in the Chikballapur regulate of Province(Karnataka).
Bheemalingeswara Temple ! Overview ::
The Bheemalingeswara tabernacle is believed to know been collective by Bheema, who was one of the Pandavas. Kaivara was familiar as Ekachakrapuram during the indication of the Mahabharatha. It was here that the Pandavas spent a twelvemonth in hiding after escaping the attempt of their lives at the sanctuary of lac. It was here too, that Bheema killed Bakasura, the demon who was alarming the group of this region.
This rank is also noted for the famous uranologist Narayanappa, famous as Kaivara Thatayya. He was a proficient composer in both Kanarese and Dravidian. He unagitated Kirtanas in congratulations of Nobleman(Lord) Vishnu who resides in the Amara Narayanaswami tabernacle here. He is also famous for his vatic line(Work) Kala Jnana active hereafter events.
Bheemalingeswara Temple ! Facts ::
There are individual attractions in Kaivara, too the Bheemalingeswara tabernacle,
The explore where Thatayya meditated,
The Thatayya Ashram,
The Amara Narayana temple,
The hillock where Bheema is said to make killed Bakasura,
A graceful common maintained by the forest section(department),
How to Get to Gaurishwara Temple ::
Kaivara, where Bheemalingeswara temple is placed, is around 70 km from Bangalore. You easily get buses from City metropolis(bangalore). You would person to get fallen at Kaivara encounter and then occur leash 3 kilometers indwelling to stretch Kaivara town.

Location :- Home >> Kaivara >> Chikballapur >> karnataka, India
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