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  Gaurishwara Temple ::  
Gaurishwara Temple is placed in the Yelandur Taluq in Chamarajanagar territory(district), Karnataka.
Gaurishwara Temple ! Overview ::
Yelandur was a salient town during the Chola Judge in Province(karnataka). The Gaurishwara Temple is a stellar(major) pilgrim and holidaymaker feature here.
Gaurishwara Mandir (Temple) ! Record ::
The Gaurishwara Tabernacle(Mandir) was improved by a feudatory of the Cholas, Singadepa, who ruled this region in the ordinal century. Devabhupala, as Singadepa was familiar, built this pretty temple in 1550 AD. Someways, this tabernacle was not repaired compartment and was allowed to get into a ramshackle state within a period of 100 period. But in 1654-55, it was restored by Devabhupala's grandson Mudhabhupa.
Gaurishwara Mandir(Temple) ! Structure ::
The Gaurishwara Tabernacle was built in the Dravidic communication, though it does not tally the identifiable Gopura or approach lift that marks this tool. The tabernacle also has picturesque carvings on pillars and walls depicting scenes from mythology. There are carvings of Andhakasuravadha, figures of Narasimha, Sarabha, Dhakshinamurthy, Vali, Sugriva and Kalinga Mardhana Krishna.
It also has the graceful Stuff Chains that book the Chola temples of this location. Beautiful rings engraved out of stuff, with no joints, secure plume from the corners of the mesmerise. These rings care equivalent bangles, so the Mahadhwara is acknowledged as 'Bale Mandapa'. Bale effectuation bangles in Kanarese.
How to Get to Gaurishwara Temple ::
Yelandur lies at a size of 155 km from City. Bus services can be availed from City(bangalore), City(mtsore) and opposite places.

Location :- Home >> Yelandur >> Chamarajanagar >> karnataka, India
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