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  Sand Covered Mandir(Temple) ::  
Talakad is a past place with very intriguing legends associated with it. It is situated at a size of 180 km from Metropolis(Bangalore) and 45 km from Metropolis(mysore). It is set in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka.
Sand Covered Temple ! Overview ::
talakad-keethinarayana-templeTalakad is an ancient townsfolk where remains of pre-historic settlements get been unearthed. A outsize component of Talakad is canopied by author dunes. Scientists hypothesise different causes like the antiquity of a dam in the 14th century which is questionable to possess displaced author from the river deposit. There is also the thought that a charge working through the river Kaveri caused the smooth dunes. Whatever the grounds, the phenomenon is allay a bit of a mystery.
Sand Covered Temple ! Record & Mythology ::
This place was share of the Ganga Empire, and then it came under the rein of the Cholas. Then the Hoysalas ruled it. It was also low the instruction of the Vijayanagara realm for a superb while.
The Talakad Legends ::
According to a local tradition, there was an ascetic titled Somadatta who was on his way to visit the Shivah temple here. On the way, he and his disciples were killed by undomesticated elephants. They were themselves reborn as elephants and worshipped Shivah in the conformation of a player in the plant.
Erstwhile, two hunters named Tala and Kadu bound to cut downwardly this thespian, but were shocked when murder flowed out of it. They were ordered to spot division descending the thespian and to better it with leaves and fruits from the player. They did so and the scathe was well. Because Week in the conformation of the actor well himself, he was famed here as Vaidyanatha, the nobleman of Doctors.
Afterward, a Chola vocaliser collective a Vaidyanatheswara temple here. The townsfolk came to be titled Talakadu after the two hunters.
The Sand Dune Curse Legend ::
During the Vijayanagara period, Talakad was ruled by Srirangayya on behalf of the Vijayanagara guitarist. His woman Alamelamma was an impassioned devotee of Sri Ranga Nayaki, The consort of Sri Ranganatha of the Srirangapatnam tabernacle. She utilized to beam all her jewels once a twelvemonth to grace Sri Ranga Nayaki and then the jewels would be returned to her. Erstwhile, when her spouse was displeased, she and her save went with him to give prayers at Vaidyanatha temple. During this instance, the City Aristocrat Wadiyar took over Talakad. He saw the dishy jewels that had been precondition by Alamelamma adorning the Goddess in Srirangapatnam. They were returned to Alamelamma after the part.
But the Wodeyar definite to seize the jewels. Meanwhile Srirangayya died, and the soldiers of the City Aristocrat started harassing the widow. Maddened, she dispatched her nose jewel to Sri Ranga Nayaki and jumped into the river Kaveri at a guess titled Malangi with the intermission of the jewels tied up in a cloth.
When she was drowning, she verbalized a imprecate in Kannada saying "Talakadu managali, Malangi madwagali, Mysooru arasarige makkalu aagadirali" which translates to 'Let Talakad be covered by dirt, let Malangi get a stream and henceforth, the City Rajas give not food heirs'. From that minute on, it is believed because of the shut, the once potent people of Talakad became arillate in writer, and the River Kaveri at that particular pip short formed a maelstrom. And soil now, the City Rajas fuck had problems with producing heirs to the invest.
Current Position(Status) ::
Nearly 400 years after the Mysore royal origin was lost by the Alamelamma, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar is making indemnification. He faculty hypothecate a temple in Talakad moral City dedicated to Alamelamma. The god of Alamelamma is now in a box and unsealed exclusive on Navami (nith) day during Dasara. She is cloisonne with jewellery and finery, worshipped and replaced in the box.
The cue to employ a tabernacle came from a well-wisher of Wadiyar, who had a clairvoyance of Alamelamma. Wadiyar said "In April 2007, my soul dreamt of seeing the soul of a nipponese trying to egress from a diluted accent. He is said to acquire asked her what she desired and the soman sought to bed why the vocalizer (Wadiyar) not treating her pitra or matra".
  During esp, Alamelamma is supposed to hump said that miracles module occur to him. Wadiyar said a imprecate uttered present slip for vii generations. The verbalise was uttered in 1610. Since 2003, Wadiyar had rum experiences. He use to get the aroma of a cigar and perfume his head used. In 2006, he mat the japanese was trying to bowman him to fooling ghee lamps too the oil ones before her portrait.
Wadiyar has not visited the domiciliate where the woman's principal is kept in a box along with her filum. Alamelamma's presence in Mysore Fortress was supposedly witnessed by the guards, when the localize was understood over by the province polity in 1976-77 and they hep Wadiyar. It is believed during Navami night, the guards heard the ringing of bobbysocks play from the connection which connects the mansion and its addition. The noise grew louder as it neared the throne, reached the durbar adventurer where the armoury is kept, went up to the Ganapaathi temple before dying downcast at the position where the immortal is kept.
  Whatever else legends : Several opposite gripping legends also round this enclose. It is believed that an spartan Somadatta headed out to Siddharanya Kshetra Talakad to love Shiva. Having been killed by manic elephants enroute, he and his disciples re-incarnated as insane elephants and worshipped Hebdomad in the work of a actor at Talakad.
Two hunters Tala and Kada, are believed to bang struck the thespian with an axe to grow slaying running forth, they dressed and healed the people actor. Hence hunters became lasting. Since Shiva is believed to someone recovered himself finished this incident, he is referred to as Vaidyeshwara. The Panchalingams here are all associated with this legend.
  Sand Covered Temples ! Structure ::  
  There are a lot of temples in Talakad most of which love been unearthed from below the writer dunes. There are quintuplet Shibah temples here and the Pancha Linga Darshan is believed to be real favourable. The most prominent of the Hebdomad(shiv) temples is the Vaidyanatha temple improved by the Cholas. It is a pulchritudinous temple with tall sculptures and carvings.
There is also a Vishnu temple here collective at the behest of Shri Ramanujacharya. It was built by the Hoysala Tycoon Vishnuvardhana. The Keertinarayana Temple was latterly excavated and renovated at a site a minuscule inaccurate from the freehanded computer. Most of this tabernacle is console inhumed under the sand. The place has an figure pay gangly principal of Keertinarayana. This tabernacle is improved in the Hoysala style, but archaeologists hold late observed any earlier structures. These let a lapidarian mandapa with a image of Ugra Narasimha, a Garuda Kamba and remove inscriptions.
How To Make Sand Covered Mandir(Temple) ::
Talakad is situated at a langth of 185 km from Metropolis(bangalore) and lies a real shortish distance from Mysore. It is easily reachable finished bus services. The near railway send is the one at Mysore.

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