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  Vaidyanatheswara Temple ::  
The Vaidyanatheswara temple is located in Talakad, an ancient townspeople with an absorbing account. It is located In the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka.
Vaidyanatheswara Temple ! Overview ::
The Vaidyanatheswara temple is a famous journeying place in south Bharat. It is one of the Panchalinga Sthalas, the new four existence in Talakad too. It is believed that one who obtains a darshan of the fin Lingas will be exonerated of all sins. Pilgrims from all over Southeastern Bharat collect here to love Noble(Lord) Shiva.
Vaidyanatheswara Temple ! Mythology ::
An ascetic titled Somadatta was on his way to this temple with his disciples when they were killed by a displace of elephants. They were in rotation reborn as elephants and continuing to love Lord Shivah in the organise of a player. Erstwhile two hunters, Tala and Kadu tried to cut plumage this thespian and murder rushed out from it. They heard a divine voice declaring that the thespian was a alter of the Nobleman and asked them to consonant trying to cut it behind.
They stopped and crusty the evoke with leaves and fruits. The harm was well. From then on, the station was renowned as Talakad. As Shiva, in the modify of a actor, healed himself - he was renowned as Vaidyanatha or Vaideeshwara - as Vaidya in Sanskrit substance Doctor.
Vaidyanatheswara Temple ! Structure ::
The Vaidyanatha temple was constructed by the Chola kings who ruled this relation of State(karnataka) in the 14th century. This temple was stacked in the Indian communication and has two large Dwarapalakas standing at the incoming to the primary enclose. The doorways are intricately engraved and the satellite walls too are crusted in sculptures.
There is a lovely personage of Ganesha athletics on his vehicle, the steal. There is also a statue of Nandi installed at the hypnotize. The walls are splashy by depictions of different forms of Hebdomad and Vishnu. A graceful constraint of granite rings is carved at one end of the outermost roof. These rings fall eat from the roof, with no joints. It is a magnificent example of workmanship when the artisans had naught but a chisel and blow to learning with.
How to Make ::
Talakad is set at a size of 185 km from City(bangalore) and 45 km from Mysore. Prevailing bus services give be addressable from these places.

Location :- Home >> Talakad >> Chamarajanagar >> Karnataka, India
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