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  Chamarajashwara Temple ::  
One of the ancient and arts temples, the Chamarajashwara Temple is regarded as a rattling influential eye of Religion in the region. Every gathering, thousands of pilgrims throng to this station to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.
Chamarajashwara Mandir(Temple) ! Overview ::
The famous Chamarajashwara Tabernacle is devoted to Lord Shiva. The voodoo here chants hymns of Bhilvastakam in congratulations of the powerful Noble(Lord). The tabernacle has been stacked in an atlantic of 232×195 conservative feet in the town of Chamarajanagar in State(karnataka).
Chamarajashwara Temple ! Record ::
Built in 1826 A.D. by Mummadi Krishna Aristocrat Wodeyar, the townsfolk was originally illustrious as Arikotara (Ari implementation foe and Kotara means axe). This tabernacle was improved in the module of Shri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar, the sire of Mummadi Avatar(krishna) Raja Wodeyar.
The tabernacle(Mandir) was after renamed as Chamarajashwara Temple after Shri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar of the City Royalty was born in the gathering 1776. A sharpener incised inscription resting in frontmost of the Janana Mandap in artificial the Chamarajashwara Temple gives this historical collection. The Chamarajashwara Temple opportunity to honour during the dominion of Mummadi Krishna Patrician Wodeyar.
Chamarajashwara Temple ! Structure ::
The Chamarajashwara Tabernacle is a wonderful instance of Hoysala architecture. This tabernacle has a pentad storey Rajagopuram which is solon than 70 feet piping. The Rajagopuram has team plaque Kalashas and all of them confronting eastwards. In figurehead of the tabernacle, on both sides, is a big traveling wherein cultural programs are conducted during special occasions.
The Chamarajashwara temple is famous for its stucco dark images and paintings modified from Mythological events equivalent Samudra Manthan (roiled the sea for Amrit), Kempananjambha enclose, Girija Kalyana and Chamundeshwari. Palace artists hailing from Somavamsha Royalty used to hold the images according to the Metropolis style. These paintings are black in red, xanthous and down. A assemblage of diamond and gum has been utilized after stifling the stones. Stucco black images are famous relics of the Metropolis Dynasty and can be seen in umteen temples improved during this era. Sadly, most of these paintings are in a bad healthiness and exclusive a few of them feature managed to keep the softness and nourishment which is easily detected by art lovers.
Chamarajashwara Temple ! Carvings ::
The tabernacle has a place sanctorum or a garba griha, an give pillared room or a muukha mandapa and a Nandi mandapa. These mandapas human sliced images of gods and goddesses.
The temple hypnotize has an star of Nandi the Shit. This idol faces the idol of Lord Shiva. The simulacrum of Lord Hebdomad has an chain shield and is prefabricated of concrete. The main tabernacle has threescore quartet idols and otherwise ancient gods and goddesses.
God Snapana Ganapathi at Navarang (along with six lingas) is also housed in the sanctum of the Shibah(shiv) tabernacle(mandir). Installed in deceiver of the Shiva temple, is the Navagraha or the representatives of niner planets. Most devotees meet this temple and pray to the Navagraha during Amavasya.
Lord Shivah was originally jewelled with expensive jewels which were presented by the troika wives of Mummadi Wodeyar. Now these ornaments are kept in the funds. Noble(Lord) Shivah is decorated with these ornaments exclusive during the Girija Kalyana function(enjoy). The tabernacle inscriptions advise(suggest) that the idols hit been brought from another temple, Balamuri in Srirangapatnam.
The Chamarajashwara Mandir(Temple) ! Rituals and Festivals ::
  Special pujas are held during the festivals of Girijakalyana and Shivaratri. The Chamarajashwara Rathayatra attracts a plethora of pilgrims during the month of July every period. The chariot fest conducted during the Chamarajashwara Rathayatra made this a famous circumstance. The main Chamarajashwara Ratha is 167 age old. Basavaraje Urs of Urs Dynasty stacked the main Rath during his pair in the City Wodeyar Fort in 1835 as a bhakshi.  
  How to Make Chamarajashwara Temple ::
The top way to movement the temple townsfolk of Chamarajanagar is by roadworthy. This is fortunate coupled by buses and is 185 kms from Metropolis(bangalore).
This tabernacle is an architectural beauty and should be visited not exclusive by pilgrims but also by art lovers.

Location :- Home >> Chamarajanagar >> Karnataka, India
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