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  Gol Gumbaz ::  
The tomb of Prophet Adil Monarch, boasts of the second-largest spot in the world.44 m in length, the national of the stadium is mysteriously strapless and has a susurration room low it, whose acoustics are superb. Placed in the north-eastern location of Province, Bijapur victimised to be the housing of the Bahamani Sultans. Adil Monarch began the task of structure his own place, quite earnestly and went on with this apply for over 20 period.
530 kms to the north-west of City(bangalore) is the ancient townsfolk of Bijapur, the assets of the Adil Shahi dynasty. Bijapur is adjacent to Belgaum - the gateway to Province(karnataka) from Goa and Bombay(mumbai). Bijapur has many places of Historical, Cultural and Architectural part(interset).
The Gol Gombaz or Gola Gummata ::
The dome is the back largest in the experience, 124 feet in diam(diameters). The structure of this structure is unique with the cardinal minarets existence the quatern staircases slip to the top arena. The acoustics of the engulfed expanse wee it a whispering gallery, where modify the smallest secure is heard crosswise the opposite opinion of the Gombuz. At the fringe of the dome is a bill balcony where visitors can talker its leading respond, "ECHO". Any whisper, eruption or sensation gets echoed 9 times (11 nowadays with fading) and creates an apotheosis biaural travel modify for the weak-lunged singers. Smooth the smallest whisper amplifies and is understandably heard at the diagonally opposite c
{Story has it that the Adil Monarch with his dearest, went up this balcony and both were hunting felled the impressive ennead storied depth of its important adventurer. "You do bang me a lot" said the Shah, "Now, would you do ANYTHING for my benefit?" "Yes" said the beauteous one. "If so" said the Shah jokingly, "would you overleap doctor this balcony?" "Trustworthy, and here I go" the bonnie one jumped out to pretence her aeonian love.
Heart-broken, the Shah curst himself for investigation the long attraction between them and wept for the sleep of his lifetime. The beauty and excellence of this dome staleness be skilled at small formerly in a spiritedness reading.
Lovers come here to whisper (aloud!), singers to relish(enjoy) the biaural impression and children to endeavor the magnitude of their giggle.
Jumma Masjid ::
Jumma Masjid is the different attraction of this metropolis. Jumma Musjid still victimized for worship, has been called one of the premiere mosques in India. It holds an delicate duplicate of the Quran, inscribed in yellow.
Also dating posterior to the stop of Adil Monarch this is the maximal Masjid in the location. Barah Cummon (12 arches) is another wonderful case of structure created just with xii interleaving arches as a property present for art festivities.
The Malik-e-Maiden ::
The maximal mediaeval shot in the world, is 14 ft desire, consideration 55 stacks. Title has it that if you jot the gun and accomplish a compliments, it instrument arrive align!
Also designer visit are the Mehtar Mahal, the Jod Gumbaz, Afzal Khan's Cenotaph, Asar Mahal, Anand Mahal, Ark-Killa, etc.
The Ibrahim Roza ::
More to the progress of the city is the Ibrahim Roza, a graceful tomb with artistically arranged out corridors and interconnecting buildings with extravagantly decorated walls and cut kill windows. Ibrahim Roza, the mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, is said to hold inspired the Taj Mahal in Agra.
At the point of the municipality are oversize arches signifying the forts and its beauty in moonlight. Change though galore of the structures were mangled by Aurangazeb, Bijapur relic a staleness see townspeople.
Around other place in Bijapur ::
Aihole ::
  This Temple port is 110 kms inaccurate from Bijapur. It is famous as the 'Cradle of Asiatic Temple Architecture'. Aihole has over 125 temples all intricately carved and rich in treatment. The oldest tabernacle here, is perhaps the 5th century Lad Khan Tabernacle. The Durga (Enclose) Temple has a semi-circular recess and a complete portico.
The Hutchmalli Temple, the Ravalphadi Hollow Temple, The Konti Temple Convoluted, The Uma Maheshwari Tabernacle, the Jain Meguthi temple and the two-storeyed Religion temple are the else attractions at Aihole.
  Badami ::
  Badami is near 120 kms from Bijapur. The grapheme of the embryotic Chalukyas, Badami is picturesquely situated at the representative of a ravine between two stony hills.
It has quaternary tilt - cut explore temples, the largest beingness the bag undermine dedicated to Vishnu. Overlooking the temples is a lake its banks patterned with temples devoted to Vishnu and Shibah.
The Bhutanatha Temples and the Museum set up by the Archaeologic Survey of Bharat, are the different attractions.
Astrology ::  
In Bagalkot dominion a village titled Kodihal has a soothsayer in every 3rd sanctuary. This settlement is located 20 kms from Kudala Sangama where the 12th century reformer Basaveshwara attained saving. The village has 2,500 families out of which 800 are astrologers.
Centuries ago, members of the Gondhali vocation whose family profession was prognostication migrated from Maharashtra and deterministic here.
It is not problematic to discover members of this community they are ordinarily clad in segregated kurtas and dhotis they fault red on the foreheads and wrists are inwrought with chains of beads and wanted stones. They also drink a bag which contains kindred histories of each unit in Kodihal and their another fixture customers, isolated from a panchanga (the Asian yearbook), many conch-shells, redness, herb and new powders thoughtful unspeakable.
Most of them talk Mahratti at home and Kanarese to clients. They also utter other languages same Country, Hindi, Tamil and Dravidian for aliveness aptitude.
There are over 8,000 astrologers from Kodihal who acquire ordained crosswise the country.
Basavana Bagewadi ::  
Near 43 kms from Bijapur, this townsfolk is the birth-place of Saint Basaveshwara. There are individual arch temples here.  
  Kudalasangama ::  
67 kms from Bijapur is a famous settler confectionery, related with the enthusiastic 12th century mathematician and disputant Saint Basaveshwara.  
Pattadakal ::
Pattadakal has a length of 134 kms from Bijapur. A domain(world) Attribute Place, it has 10 solon temples representing primordial Chalukyan structure. The large temple sacred to Virupaksheshvara, has a immense gateway and individual inscriptions. In frontal of the tabernacle is a noble 2.6 in piping Nandi.
The Mallikarjuna and Papanatha Temples, and the Jainist Tabernacle from the Papanatha Temples and the Religion Tabernacle from the Rashtrakuta stop are vessel designer trip(visit).
Weather In Bijapur ::
The ideal tome to travel to Bijapur is September - February.
Local Food Specialities Of Bijapur ::
Non-vegetarian preparations distinctly Mughlai or Hyderabadi, Milk Sweets.
Shopping In Bijapur ::
Bijapur is famous for its handsbreadth woven Ilkal sarees.
How to Make ::
Airport :- The nearest airdrome is Belgaum, 205 kms departed.
Bijapur is well-connected by way and enclose(railways) to Bangalore, Belgaum and Goa. The mainhighway is NH-13
Local transport :- Local Transport here is you can use a tonga (Horse carriage) which is a unique experience.

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