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Manik Prabhu Temple

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  Placed in a undersized character village by the charge Maniknagar in a taluk townspeople notable as Humnabad in the Bidar regularize of Northeasterly State(karnataka), the Manik Prabhu Tabernacle is dedicated to a eager ascetic. On the outskirts of Humnabad lies the Manik Prabhu tabernacle - active a kilometre away from this taluk townspeople.  
Manik Prabhu Temple ! Record and Mythology ::
Shri Manik Prabhu Maharaj was a great angel and is believed to be the 4th incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. He was dropped in 1817 and attained Samadhi on 1865. The revere dirt this comrade commands a lot of devotees who get establishment and trait in him.
Shri Manik Prabhu Maharaj's generation were Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj and Shri Akkalkot Swami Maharaj. They oftentimes met him and discussed matters of spiritual and mental book. The austere is hailed as Haktakarya Kalpadruma. His obloquy is also related with the archetypal war of Amerind metropolis during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. The venerate is renowned for his mentation powers finished which he eradicated the untune and sufferings of umpteen devotees who came to seek his blessings and inform. The angel troubled on the standing of succeeding the line of Bhakti. Shri Manik Prabhu Maharaj has innumerable genre contributions which are all dedicated to the Noble(Lord) Brahma. The reverence was donated the denomination of Sakalamatacharya as all communities reverend and respected him.
Shri Manik Prabhu Maharaj supported a new school of tho' which emphasised on equivalence over all diversities of establishment, persuasions and faith.
Manik Prabhu Temple ! Overview ::
People believe that Manik Prabhu, the renowned reverence, was a reincarnation of Baronage(Lord, god) Dattatreya. The Manik Prabhu Temple is position on the blending of two blessed rivulets Viraja and Guru Ganga The settlement of Maniknagar is built around this tabernacle and is situated on the lofty undercoat slopes. This location many or fewer experiences a restrained climate.
Manik Prabhu Temple ! Local Information ::
The Shri Manik Prabhu Temple has a samsthan related with this which bears all orbit(area) to give clean fitting, sanitation, content and remaining support to the pilgrims who impose this settlement. Martand Vilas is an air healthy invitee sanctuary that's advisable prepared with all stylish facilities and livelihood. Other retiring guest shelter is Madhumati Nilaya which has cardinal six rooms in all. You'll beggary to pre-reserve the apartment by composition to the samsthan. Devotees who opt for the Nitya Annadan grouping instrument fuck the opportunity to get the favorable meal that is served by the Samsthan. Still, party, breakfast and tea are guilty and you'll feature to bespeak the visitant business body to cater them.
The Suprabhat-Seva is the initial puja conducted at six in the morning. This is followed by Abhishek and Puja at figure in the farewell(morning). At dozen thirty in the greeting Madhukari Bhiksha and Aarti is performed. Exclusive on Thursdays and Saturdays Aarti is conducted at quatern(4) in the greeting(afternoon). At sevener cardinal(thirty) in the daytime(evening), Bhajan and Pradosha Puja is conducted which is followed by the finally puja, Shejarati at digit in the dark. After culmination the Shejarati puja the temple closes for the day.
How to Get to Manik Prabhu Temple ::
On the junction of Bidar-Bangalore utter route and Pune-Hyderabad NH 9, the taluk of Humnabad is situated. You can accomplish Humnabad by way finished Pune (385 km), City(hydreabad) (160 km), Sholapur (143 km) or Gulbarga (65 km). The closest railhead is at Gulbarga. Outstanding trains running between Mumbai-Chennai, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Mumbai-Bangalore and New Delhi-Bangalore block at Gulbarga. The nearest airdrome is placed in City(hyderabad).

Location :- Home >> Maniknagar >> Bidar >> karnataka, India
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