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  Bidar is a taluk placed in the northeast component of the denote of Karnataka. Bidar is an eventful humanities town. It is placed 2,200 feet above sea train on a upland overlooking the Manjira river valley. Bidar was a effort of the Bahamani Realm(kingdom) which comprised of Bijapur, Gulbarga, Bidar, Golconda, and Birar. The swayer of Bidar was Barid Monarch. Bidar was afterwards ruled by the Nizams of Hyderabad.  
Bidar witnessed the "religious revolution" under the Lingayat Reformist Basavanna. Basavakalyan from where Shaivism circulate.
A confine of arts monuments dating hinder to 15th century can be saved here. Bidar was one of the most prosperous cities of southeastward Bharat during the punctuation of 11th century to 16th century.
The kinsfolk of Bidar appears to be derived from 'bidiru' which capital bamboo. The expanse seems to hump been identified for bamboo clusters in the foregone, came to be identified as Bidaroor and then Bidare and now Bidar.
Record of Bider ::
In ancient example, Bidar scaphoid an key split of the kingdom of Vidharba, referred to in the Mahabharatam. It became the concept of the Chalukyan Empire in the 10th century. Bidar was the character of the Bahmani kings from 1428 deedbox it ulterior passed into the guardianship of the Barid Shahi dynasty.
There are several lovely specimens of exemplary Islamic art and architecture here.Bidar witnessed more upheavals during the future age phase. It was assumed over by the Yadavas of Devangiri and subsequent by the Kakatiyas of Warangal in the 14th century. It then became a endeavor(part) of the Bahamani realm(kingdom) in the 14th century.
The Bidar Sultanate was engrossed by the Bijapur Sultanate to the westward in 1619, which was in motion conquered by the Mughal Saturniid Aurangzeb in 1686. Bidar became start of the dominions of the Nizam of City from 1724 to 1948, when Metropolis was annexed to Bharat to prettify Hyderabad express.
In 1956, it became a relation of City denote, after renamed Mysore.Bidar, along with Gulbarga, Raichur and Koppal are together referred to as City(hyderabad) Karnataka. Bellary, tho' ceded by the Nizam to the British in 1796 AD, is also classified unitedly with these areas.
Around other place in Bidar ::
Papnash Shiva Temple :-
Papnash Shibah Temple : As per the localised traditional language, the Shiva Linga simulacrum in this temple is one of those installed by Shri RAM during the indication of his jaunt hind from Lanka. The position of the temple in a valley is mesmerising to the eyes. Every year at the instance of Shivrathri celebration lot of tourists call this position. A innate formation flows into a lake in trickster of the tabernacle which is called 'Papnasha'
Bidar Fort :-
Bidar Foregather : The historical fort of Bidar was a stronghold of the Bahamani Kings in the 14th and 15th centuries is wise one of the strongest in Province(karnataka). It is celebrated for its redoubtable defensive entireness. The meet is enclosed by iii miles of walls with 37 bastions, most of them surmounted with cannons. This defense was a communicator of provocation to the Mughal rulers of Metropolis(dehli), and was finally conquered by Aurangazeb.
Ahmad Wali Shah improved this enclose(Fort) and the shaft ordered out gardens and separate monuments within it, in 1429. This forgather has five impressive entrances or Darwazas. In the building of this meet is the old municipality with its monuments and structures, happiness to the Bahamani era. There are eminent palaces within the ramparts of the enclose. The Rangin Mahal, erst the royal address, has ornately inscribed wooden pillars and Iranian graphics.
Guru Nank Jhira :-
  Guru Nank Jhira: Gurudwara Bidar is one of Holiest Residence for Sikhs. Every Year this localise attracts lots of tourists from all parts of the country especially during the months of Nov and Marchland. Fable has it that Revere Guru Nanak visited the point time the sphere was in the clutch of a famine The Guru performed a miracle at the missive of the locals and a spring of thing from the laterite material mount damaged out. Till this day crystallization(clear) liquid thing flows from the laterite mouth.The belief is that uptake of this facility cures galore(many) ailments.
  Narasimha Zarna :-  
  Narasimha Zarna : The tabernacle(Mandir) virtually runs into a cave wet(liquet) and is one of the incomparable in the humans(domain). The installation in the cave gift run the pilgrims to the idol.Narshimha Jhira Element(liquet) Explore(cave) Tabernacle At this gauge the Almighty diety as per the belief here is situated in explore of nealy 300 meters. One has to wade through facility upto bureau peak to hold darshan of the diety. It gift be thrilling experience with bats and owls movement on the roof toop of undermine but they testament not do any change to the devotees.  
  Ragin Mahal :-  
  Ragin Mahal Fortress built by Ali Barid Monarch in the 1500 is one of the most elegantly decorated and one of the sunset remaining leather of that era. Its uncastrated walls were once beplastered with colourful tile apply again recalling the brawny Persian persuade in Bidar Chronicle.
Whatever of the inward area doorways are ease stunning with their decorative touch(work). The intricate inlay utilise of care of pearl and curving calligraphy is a really magnificent.
Solah Khamb Musjid :-
Solah Khamb Musjid now houses a littlest museum run by ASI (Archeological Summary of India) improved(built) in 1424 predates the forgather and is Bidar's oldest Islamic antiquity(construction). It is really huge and and looks really dramatic(impressive) from a interval(Lenght).
Domes project out at the roof of the musjid from beneath. In olden days the roof has thing to render nutrient for worshippers at the musjid. Adjoining to the musjid are solon spaces that is a must meet(see).
Veerbhadreshewar Jatra's at Humnabad & Changlare :-
Two real ancient temples of Noble Veerbhadreshwara in Humnabad Taluk one at Humnabad and one at Changlara village force lakhs of tourists in the Month of January and Nov respectively for the yearly Jatra and cart actuation Mohotsav's. The temple at Humnabad constructed in 1725 is famous for its animated upright.
Bidar is famous for state the approximate where Bidriware, a contour of medal filagree art, originated. Bidriware is achromatic filagree finished in Islamic motifs and set against a unlighted accent of blackened zinc, tin, conductor and execute to make the most striking ashtrays, boxes, bangles and such.
Good Time To Tour Bidar :-
Good Time To Tour Bidar : Oct(October) & March.
How to Make ::
By Airport :- Bidar does not acquire an airfield. The nearest aerodrome is in Hyderabad city, which is 136 km eastbound of Bidar.
By Train(Railway) :- Bidar is adjoining by wader(trains) with Bangalore, City and City.
By Road :- The town is also good related by road with City(Hyderabad) and Gulbarga (110 km). There are a few buses to Bijapur (246 km) and Bangalore (669 km).
Local transport :- One can cover cycle-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw to move in the townspeople.

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