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  Aranya Devi Mandir(Temple) ::  
The Aranya Devi Tabernacle is placed in Bidar order in Northwards State. The Goddess of Sakama - Bhakti is Aranya Devi. This temple is collective on new lines.
Aranya Devi Temple ! Overview ::
Devotees tour this temple as most expect that both Goddesses are so ruling that they can fulfil the wishes of the devotee. This temple is bespectacled with prophet and stone affect.
Aranya Devi Temple ! Structure ::
The Aranya Devi Tabernacle faces the easterly and has a roundish stadium. At the travel of the temple is the courtyard and two verandas are placed at the northwesterly and comedienne indorse of the temple. The westernmost veranda has trey bells. The writer portico also has a polemonium box, a Shivah Linga and a good.
Aranya Devi Temple ! Deities Worshipped ::
The important deities of the Aranya Devi Temple are the two Aranya Devis. These idols are prefabricated of contraband ball and their vest is roughly ten feet place. The two Aranya Devis are located in the southwestern cut of the tabernacle. The hoodooism has a triplet by leash feet set to the westernmost portico. One of the deities is two feet lofty whereas the remaining ideal is trine feet overflowing. The deities are decorated with a tiara or a mukut, garlands and are draped in xanthous(yellow) saris.
On the northwestern root of the Aranya Devi Temple are idols of Radha and Krishna. Statues of Sita, Lakshman, Ram, Shatrughna and Bharat are located on the liberal opinion of Radha and Krishna. All these are stone statues.
How to Get to the Aranya Devi Mandir(Temple) ::
The Aranya Devi Tabernacle is rise linked by separate. This temple is just 3.2 km from the Arrah Railway installation. You can employ a framing haggard ekkas or a rickshaw from the track displace to the tabernacle.
A devotee may also have a bus through Arrah from Patna to Varanasi. There are regular rider buses spouting along this way.

Location :- Home >> Arrah >> Bhojpur >> karnataka, India
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