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  The Venugopalaswamy Temple ::  
Devanahalli, a community, featured in the interest a lot after it was declared by the authorities that the new and built City Supranational Airfield would be coming up there. The label literally substance 'the abode of gods' and has abundance of temples to its lingo, including the Venugopalaswamy temple in the Metropolis hobnailed region.
Venugopalaswamy Temple ! Overview ::
The inclose in Devanahalli housed the past rulers of Mysore equivalent Hyder Ali and Tipu Swayer. The enclose surrounding the township has numerous temples within its walls, equal the Nanjundeswara temple, Chamundeswara tabernacle, Veerabhadraswamy tabernacle and the Ranganathaswamy temple. The temples in Devanahalli were built in divergent eras but mostly are of the Hoysala architecture.
Venugopalaswamy Temple ! Story ::
Though the foliage of the temple is tiny, its filler doesn't reduce group from marveling at the architectural intricacies of the temple with its pillars and frescoes decorated in the Hoysala tradition. It is a picture variant of the mega complexes that the temples in Belur and Halebid are, and is as elaborated as the additional two in its carvings and statues. There are two statues of Lord Vishnu at the sides of the gopuram which are believed to be of the Ganga era.
Venugopalaswamy Temple ! Structure ::
Though the temple is relatively microscopic, the Rayagopuram is gangly with the two statues of Nobleman(Lord) Vishnu on both sides carrying distinctly disparate tools and weapons and with several expressions that furnish a startling opposition. The tabernacle, despite its situation has a wide inside Prakara and also has a navaranga, mukhamantapa and a typically undersized garbhagriha.
The Prakara has niches spectacled with intricate stucco utilise that are real common with tourists and a must see to any visitor. The mukhamantapa's pillars are beautifully decorated with intricate carvings. The outside walls of the tabernacle, prefab of jurist, are plow in frieze, depiction different scenes from the Ramayana. The north and southern walls recite the total Balakandam.
Venugopalaswamy Temple ! Religious Significance ::
The temple's presiding divinity Lord Venugopalaswamy is immediate in a unfelled behave as opposed to his reclining bear; the deity is in styled in the Vijayanagar practice while the shikara is in Dravidic communication, still instrument to the uniting of the two important cultures in these parts.
Every April there is a temple festival titled an Utsav, on the Chaitra Poornima day; for this celebration the total temple is cleaned and washed, which has led to whatever damage to the frescos. Such improvement and reparation are funded by the collections in the temple itself, where donations are offered by the devotees.
How To Get To Venugopalaswamy Mandir(Temple) ::
The temple is on the Bellary traveling on NH - 7; erstwhile you hybridise the city limits, the temple townspeople of Devanahalli gift nearly 30 km departed; and the tabernacle leave be one of the initial buildings that you instrument see on your honorable when driving from Metropolis.
Thanks to its redoubled connectivity to the main municipality of City, the temple can be easily reached. The onus is on the polity to meliorate the temple's holidaymaker salience and reassert the facilities to pull tourists to this attractive tabernacle.

Location :- Home >> Devanahalli >> Bangalore Rural >> karnataka, India
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