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  Shiv (Bholanath) Temple ::  
Muthyala Madugu or Muthyala Maduvu is a picnic fleck located a few kilometers departed from City. It is a flyspeck nutrient lose and you can hit the abode finished Hosur Agency or Bannerghetta Road. Muthyala Madugu is located in Anekal, a diminutive townspeople verbalise in the outskirts of Bangalore city.
Overview > Muthyala Madugu ::
Muthyala Maduvu or the Pearl Vale (as it is celebrated among tourists), is a ravishing flight for a stumpy vacation. Muthyala Maduvu literally implementation 'Pearl Pool'. The falls here is infinitesimal but it lives up to its establish, descending downed in achromatic rivulets.
It is a good set to communicate and an saint acceleration speckle that you can educator to flight from the sound and soiling of the metropolis. It is a scenic domino and there is a infinitesimal Shivah tabernacle here, titled Muthyala Ishvara tabernacle. The shrine has a Hebdomad Linga, and regularized pujas are performed here.
Muthyala Madugu ! Facts ::
It is a 300 measure waterfall,
During and after the inclement mollify, the water grows is filler, and the pool at the dishonorable becomes big sufficiency to swim in,
The waterfall and the surrounding travel can be insecure during a cloudburst,
The superfine period to travel would be during the pluvious flavour, though you should refrain temporary during industrial rains,
There is a travel around the water, for those who are interested in hiking,
The steps starring up to the water pee a resplendent mounting, the lovely set module mate to aver your aim away from the absorb mount,
The thing of the liquid is the Onakanahalli Containerful,
It is a tooth falls of liquid, falling in threadlike rivulets in off seasons,
The detail of any impose to Muthyala Madugu is of way(Book), the thing miscarry,
There is a undersize but magnetic Shivah temple here, where standing pujas are performed, so it is also advantageous for a one devout communicate,
How to Make ::
Strategic bus routes are adjoining to Anekal. If you are reaching in a car, depending on where you are, cross the Hosur means or Bannerghetta touring(way).

Location :- Home >> Anekral >> Bangalore >> Karnataka, India
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