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  Gavi Gangadhareshwara Mandir(Temple) ::  
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple is a famous ancient explore tabernacle settled in Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Route in Metropolis, Province, Bharat. The temple is renowned due to a noteworthy and almost magical phenomenon that occurs in the tabernacle every year on a specific day in the month of January. Obscure from the wonderful phenomenon, the tabernacle also stands as a glaring instance of the miraculous Amerind rock-cut structure.
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple ! Overview ::
The tabernacle is also illustrious as Gavipuram Hollow(Cave) Mandir(Temple). It is devoted to the Hindustani god, Baronage(Lord) Shivah(Bholenath). The tabernacle(mandir) is single from all opposite temples of State due to the presence of two large discs in the spotlight of the shrine.
The innermost retreat of the tabernacle has a tallish Shivalinga. Added statesman attracter of the tabernacle is the presence of a rarified image of Agni, the God of onset. The figure has two heads, cardinal safekeeping and triplet legs. It is perhaps the exclusive tabernacle in Southwestward India that has specified an ideal. The temple has a wonderful grave of Nandi (a sham), Shiva's rise. A picturesque icon of Shakti Ganapathi with 12 safekeeping adorns the manus face of the principal mesmerise to the tabernacle.
The inclose is a snug construction under the Karnataka Ancient and Humanities Monuments, and Archeologic Sites and Remains Act 1961.
Every twelvemonth it attracts thousands of devotees during the astronomical phenomenon and the celebration of Shivaratri.
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Mandir(Temple) ! Story ::
The record of the temple dates wager to the 9th century. It is believed that the tabernacle was cut out of a lurch in the 9th century. It was utilised by the eager salvia Gowthama to accomplish penalisation. Ulterior in the 16th century, Kempegowda I, the father of Metropolis, revamped and large the tabernacle.
According to topical title, Kempegowda was imprisoned by Rama Raya. He suffered confinement for cardinal period. When he was released, he constructed this temple to evince his gratitude.
Artistic portraying of the tabernacle is recovered in the trade of the British artist River Ticker in 1792.
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple ! Structure ::
The Gavipuram Explore Tabernacle is an architectural respond in itself. The temple was cut out from a unprocessed monolith stuff. The intrinsical spot of the tabernacle is situated privileged a hollow carved out in the pitching. The important characteristic of the tabernacle is the granite pillars situated in the forecourt of the tabernacle. Two of the pillars activity immense discs that state the sun and the month. The opposite two pillars feature a trident (trishul) and a two-headed membranophone (damru), representing the two momentous possessions of Baronage(Lord) Shiva.
But the important architectural implication associated with the temple is the commencement of the cave tabernacle and the placement of the designer discs in specified a way that they consent the sun to illuminate the Shivalinga for honorable one time every gathering(period).
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple ! Magic Created by the Sun ::
Every year on the 14th of Jan a extraordinary and remarkable phenomenon takes situate part the exclusive place of the temple. The rays of the setting sun on the west reach pip a radiate of illumination that passes from under an flex on the northwestern palisade of the temple before impressive towards the privileged holy. It prime lights the side of the memorial of Nandi and passes over its horns and reaches the feet of the Shivalingam. Finally the signal of embody of the Shivalingam.
  This is a wonderful range as the event is noticeable by straight ringing of the bells and chanting of mantras by the priests and devotees. The lingam is bathed in milk by one of the priests during the total point of the phenomenon. It seems as if the Sun is showing awe of the Baronage(Lord) on the prosperous day.
A macro gather of thousands of people collect from far and nighest and act for hours to experience this magical circumstance every assemblage on the specific day that is also illustrious as Makar Sankranti. It is on this special day that the unilluminated interiors of the hollow and the lingam are lit by the rays of the blazing sun for some moments every period.
  Beliefs Surrounding the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple in Bangalore ::  
  There are lots of beliefs and myths related with the temple. It is believed that anyone who worships the ideal of Agni (the God of fire) situated interior the tabernacle faculty be recovered of all eye defects.
Devotees also judge that there are two tunnels that tense from the internal spot of the tabernacle. One of them proceeds towards the port of Varanasi in the north part of India. The additional extends up to added tabernacle of Shivah with the one nominate, the Gangadhareshwara tabernacle, situated on the comic of Shivagange, near 10 miles from this tabernacle.
  Getting There ::  
  Bangalore can be easily reached from all over the country and beyond.  
Air :- The worldwide airdrome at City connects the city to new pupil cities within and extracurricular the country.
Wader(Railway) :- The railway position at City has umpteen trains operating out of it and linking the metropolis to all additional parts of the state.
Agency(Road) :- There are anaesthetic buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws that can be hired to communicate the Gavi Gangadhareshwara tabernacle from any move of City.

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