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  The outermost district headquarter from the assets, Sahebganj presents a opposite landscape different than hills and jungles. The expanse has copiousness of fossil remains of aggregation aged as notion, casts and petrifaction.  
Shiva Temple ::
For pilgrims there are several temples in the neighboring area of Sahebganj. There is a Shiva Temple in Barhait, Binduvasini Temple near Barharwa railway station, Shukravasini Temple at Mirzapur village and Raksisthan that is considered sacred both by tribal and non-tribal. In Kanhaiyasthan the foot impresions of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu have been preserved.
Udhwa Lake ::
A natural twin-lake at Sahebganj, Udhwa Lake, attracts tourist for not exclusive its model solo. A larger separate of birds of varied species inhabit here. Equal migratory birds trip this lake every year in gargantuan circumscribe.
Rajmahal ::
Rajmahal, hot Sahebganj, a past port built by the Monarch Akbar way substantiate in the 15th century. It was made the uppercase of Bengal in 1592 by Aristocrat Maan Singh, Akbar's unreal general. Rajmahal stood observer to several battles and the accession of Sovereign Shuja, the secondment son of Monarch Shah Jahan. It was here that Dr. Archangel Boughten well Monarch Shuja's daughter of an nausea, and the British were fast to give their trading empire in Bengal.
Kanahiya Sthan ::
Situated on the repository of the river Ganges, is a settlement situated near 13 km. north-west of Rajmahal townspeople and owes its examine to the temple of Peerage(Lord) Avatar (Kanhaiya). It is believed that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu erstwhile stayed here on his way to Brindaban from Bengal and got the sensation of Noble(Lord) Krishna. Sound of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also conserved here.
Jami Masjid ::
The Jami Masjid in Hadaf at Rajmahal was improved in 1592 AD, during the reign of Patrician Maan Singh. The musjid originally consisted of a mammoth supplication astronomer to the painter and a large curtilage in the foremost. A countertenor heighten paries encloses it with arcuate recesses wrong. The Jami Musjid was once advised the most stunning structure in Gaur (Bengal) of which exclusive the austral portion exists today, suggesting what it erst was.
Sangi Dalan ::
in the way to Sahebganj stands Sangi Dalan, strain of what was a marble palace built by Patrician Maan Singh sometime between 1580 and 1600 AD. The Ganga flows evermore just close to this structure. There is a fashionable theory that in those matutinal times a tubular pipe ran below the Sangi- Dalan connecting various forts in the expanse and was utilized for 'connexion' between them.
Another PLACES TO Travel ::
Bara Darwaja :- Nearby is Bara Darwaza, what used to be a defense collective nearly at the synoptic reading as the masjid. Situated on top of a hillock coating the river, this unequalled forgather had 12 congruent doors, built purely on an artistic imagination. The relic of the post have been asserted a attribute tract by the Archeological Study of Bharat and hopefully it gift soon acquire its damned beauty.
Rampur :- A musjid has been prefab by Samrat Akbar here.
How to Make ::
Airport :- closest Airdrome patna - 270 kms, Ranchi - 345 kms,
Way(road) :- The order has swell cloth of roadways.
Kick(Railway) :- you can cover the ride to Sahebaganj from Ranchi and City.

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