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  Jharkhand is a freshly foaled suggest and it came into macrocosm on 15th November 2000 as the 28th nation of the Indian healing. It spreads tantalizingly over Chhotanagpur highland and Santhal Pargana. Dumka is one of the oldest districts of Jharkhand state low Santhal Pargana. This state of tribal is overfull of stunning landscapes, regal mountains, verdant valleys and snakelike rivers.Dumka Order is at 86 16" Northeasterly line and 87 15" Eastward longitude. It is situated at the summit of 472 ft from the sea direct. It The Order has an atlantic of 3716.02 Sq.KM. and consists of only one sub discord viz. Dumka. Low Dumka sub partition, there are 10 blocks namely Dumka, Gopikander, Jama, Jarmundi, Kathikund, Maslia, Ramgarh, Raneshwar, Shikaripara and Saraiyahat.Dumka has predominantly undulating terrain with uphill rocks in the subsurface. Whole Order has a topography with great wearing, acidulent fiber and low retentive susceptibleness.  
Baba Basukinath Dham ::
Basukinath is settled in Dumka Regulate of Jharkhand. It lies on the Deoghar - Dumka state road and is around 25 km north-west of Dumka. It is a send of pilgrimage for Hindus. Basukinath Tabernacle is the principal attraction here.Jasidih Connector Railroad Post and Jamtara Railway Displace are the nighest railheads. Ranchi Airport is the nighest airport. It is situated at Jarmundi Hide on Dumka Deoghar Dos Road at a size of 24 km from the Distrcit headquarters Dumka. In a gathering lacs and lacs people from divergent parts of region travel here to worship Peerage Shivah. In the period of Shravan group of individual region also move here to love Lord Shiva.
Baba Sumeshwarnath ::
It is a churchly guess which is situated in Saraiyahat Casting at the size of 60 km from order office Dumka. There is a big tabernacle(mandir) of the Noble Hebdomad(Lord shiva). On the eve of Mahashivaratri the people of antithetic parts of the order develop here to love Peerage Shivah in constituent to daily worshiping..
Hill Range ::
Travel southwest from pakur to godda.The structure extent of Dumka seen collateral & terminate in th Mangalbhanga hill. To the southwest eastside of Dumka is Ramgarh hills ferther comedienne 2parallel renges of hills also yawning in an easterly route from Masanjor to Ranibhal. Beside comic ranges some hillocks are also in equal (i) Lagwa hil at Nonihat low which lies the Tatloi hot water course (ii) Hijla comic top.(iii) Sapchala elevation top.(iv) Chuto pahadi.Maluti (Temple villege on way to Rampurhat).
Malooti ::
Mallooti is a past and pious square which is situated in Shikaripara Area on Dumka Rampurhat interstate route at a distance of 55 km from Dumka Dominion headquarters. In 1860 Mallooti was prefab taxfree metropolis by the then Challenger Basant Rai name Basant. This Mallooti is associated with the archaeological and churchgoing importal send for intelligent beauty.
Mayurakshi River ::
Mayurakshi is the important river of Dumka Region.
Masanjore Dam ::
Masanjore is a famous holiday point situated in Dumka Regularise of Jharkhand. This elflike village is most 31 km southwesterly of Dumka. The picturesque Tilpara Firing (also Canada Dam) on the Mayurakshi River is a student finish. The dam is finite by hills and forests, a perfect guess for holiday. Mayurakshi Bhawan Bungalow and Inspec­tion Bungalow furnish fantabulous and soothing advance in the village. By way, Masanjore is abutting with Vakreshwara (59 km), Sainthia (50 km), Tarapith (70 km), Rampurhat (62 km) and Deoghar (98 km). Masanjor gentlewoman or the Pearson wench on rever Mayurakshi is a picturesque post on hoof hills of longest extent of timberland generating object but in the growth of case it has turn touristy area for the traveller. With the pretty garden on the downward comedian and two attractive Dak-bunglows on the finances of the river at persuade to its model.
Naag Mandir(Temple) ::
Naag Mandir Situated at the top of a hill of Shiv Pahar at Dumka.
Tatloi ::
It is a hot liquid Spring, situated at a size of 15 km from the regularize office of Dumka. It is annulated by gnomish mounts, splendiferous, winning and greenish fresh air. The liquid of snap is rattling comprehensible(Clean) and hale(Healthy).

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