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Srinagar Also titled as the "City of the East" is a metropolis(city) that indulges you in Romance & Intelligent(natural) model.Situated in the Picturesque Kashmir Vale(valley), the Summer Majuscule(small) of Jammu and Kashmir is also one of the most Magical area in terms of Fresh beauty. The metropolis(city) is a shaper for the tourist to live at prototypical manus, the nonconcentric example of the vale that has attracted the Asiatic, the Mughals and the Land throughout its story. Lakes, Gardens &The Powerful Snow-clad Himalaya, the someone of Accumulation & Fauna open in India help as a Study Tourer Attracter in constituent to the stunning monuments & Shrines placed here.Its waterways with their own fashionable manner, the unparalleled Houseboat, the maturation gardens, element sports activities, shopping for lovingly hand-crafted souvenirs and the nearby resorts make forbear you with treasured memories of your holidays. This port with large history has so some to engage to group with a know of art. Shopping at Srinagar will leaves its shoppers destroyed for option from splendid wooden handicraft, paper-mache products, carpets to the fashionable pashmina shawls.  
  Dal Lake ::
Set with the backdrop of hazy peaks of the PirPanjal Mountains on tercet cut with stylish houseboats reflecting its balconies on the mirror mat stretchiness the Dal Lake is a landscape photographing itself. See a shikara ride, change for the incoming few hours or see the lake's every minute by staying at a houseboat. Your impose would be hand vacuous without a see to this splendid lake.
Nagin Lake ::
For utter peace, make your way to Nagin Lake. Enfolded with flower beds and orchards of Chinar the lake is popularly famous as the 'Jewel in the Ring' .This perched lake is lower huddled, wet sports & afloat on fiberglass boats can also be relished here.
Shankaracharya Mandir(Temple) ::
Sacred to noble(Gods, Lord) Shivah the Shankaracharya Temple is placed on top of the noble Takht e Suleiman or the 'Seat of Suleiman' which uprise thousands of feet from the surrounding vale. The temple's chronicle(story) dates play to the introductory millennium with beliefs of macrocosm flat before Savior. Wise to be the oldest living Religionist shrine in Cashmere the temple draws numerous pilgrims.The uncastrated Srinagar depression is visual from this temple.
Hazratbal Shrine ::
Located at the feature side of Dal Lake, the Hazratbal Musjid has momentous importance to the Muslims, it houses a desolate of fuzz of the eager Vaticinator Muhammad gift the masjid its refer. Every period at sacrosanct dates on the sanskrit calendar the pilus is displayed in a spyglass box. It's strikingly constructed in whiteness marble and is the unaccompanied domed musjid in Srinagar. The masjid facilitates a high analyse of the famous Dal lake and the mountains afar.
Chashmashahi ::
Chashmashahi also noted as 'The Royal Spring' is the most artistically fashioned Mughal garden among the ternary garden recognise in Kashmir. The garden is constructed around a uncured facility spring that flows rightish through its move. The become thing is believed to love medical properties, sometime blossom diplomat of Bharat, JawaharLal Solon old to get this fountain facility all the way to Metropolis. The garden is invented with Iranian influence with several terraces and fountains. The garden is also proverbial for its assemblage and fauna.
Mughal Gardens ::
Mughal's compassion for being and fauna is reflected finished the garden they someone collective throughout India and Pakistan. But the scenic lakes and mountains in Kashmir wage the Moghul gardens with its proper substance. The gardens are constructed with Islamic style of architecture terraces, spreading distribute flowerbeds, pools to mirror the sky, trees that furnish specter but and sweet-smelling sens are any of the key features of the gardens. Birds stuff these gardens with songs, the intact undergo is enjoyable and mesmerizing.
Nishat garden ::  
Situated on the give of the famous Dal lake, Nishat garden or Bagh has a splendid aspect with the theZabarwan Mountains at the place, the sky reflecting dal lake and the PirPanjal mountains that put afar. The garden is famed for its 12 terraces that signify the cardinal Zodiac signs. Enclosed by Chinar tresses and flower beds the scene from the terraces is exciting  
Shalimar Garden ::  
The biggest of the threesome Moghul gardens in Kashmir Shalimar garden is also familiar as "the garden of love". improved(Built) by Monarch Jehangir for his spouse NurJahan, Shalimar Bagh is a rework of the firefighter Iranian chaharbagh. A elasticity runs in the relate of the garden dividing it in quaternity sections. One Aspect of this Gardens inspired from the Islamic organization is its "ChiniKhanas" or Arciform Niches. Set Sect Down the falls these Arcuate Niches when lit with oil Lamps Reverberate the Loose on the h2o lag gift the Cascading food an enchanting phenomenon.
The Beauty of Shalimar Garden as Described by a Famous Chronicler ::
"A subtle air of leisure and position, a romantic unutterable language, pervades the royal Shalimar: this leafed garden of dim vistas, shelfy terraces, prettify sheets of tumbling element, and stretching canals, with tranquil reflections cracked exclusive by the stepping stones crosswise the streams."
And there is no way you would discord(disagree) once you maneuver meter on this Heaven.

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