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Sonamarg is an chain(alpine) valley hill position(station) 87kms from Srinagar, it is placed in the neighborhood of the major Himalyan glaciers of cashmere valleynamely Kolhoi Glacierand machoi Glacier. Sonamarg offers picturesque unaffected beauty with snowy mountains at the backcloth against the lazuline sky. It isbounded by magnificent glaciers and tranquil lakes.  
  Sonamarg import 'Meadow of Gold' gets its examine(name) due to its scenic example(modal) during the flavor of season, stretched blossom beds appear in gold due to the light that's falls on the Himalayan peaks making this square(area) seem suchlike the municipality(city) of gold.
  Situated at an height of 2800 metres above sea destroy the base is glorious for trekking and hiking trails. The hilly precipitation clad peaks are apt for all kinds of trekking excursions. The climate here is ideal for trekkers to explore unseen unbleached exemplar with modest summers and utmost winters.
Sonamarg is touristy for its walkways. Thajiwas, a dwarfish(minor) valley settled(placed) 4 kms from Sonamarg is a heyday attraction during the months of season. The item is peritrichous with fir,tree and conifer trees. A large product of encampment sites are also existing at Thajiwas overlooking at the glacier.
There are some lakes and rivers in Sonamarg but lake vishansar at an alt of 4,084 m above sea place is a mesmerizing. The nutrient(water) is crystallized with snowflakes functional finished. A high see of this lake can also be practiced from Nichnai Win.
Divided from this there are a product of sites in sonsmarg like nilgrad which is placed 6 kms from sonamarg it is the convergency spot of river Constellation and the mountains making theriver appeareddish. The food of this river is also acknowledged to tally examination properties.

Location :- Home >> Sonamarg >> Jammu and Kashmir, India
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