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Gulmarg import "meadows of flower" is Bharat(India's) heartland of exemplar. CNN Supranational has valuated Gulmarg as Asia's seventh finest ski end. Within 2hrs tug from Srinagar by way Gulmarg offers majuscule season sports along with golfing, trekking, mountain biking, soldiery riding and sportfishing. Gulmarg can be visited finished put the twelvemonth but for game fanatics November to February is the apt moment.  
  Gulmarg was erstwhile proverbial as "Gaurimarg", the found of Noble(lord) Shiva's spouse. Yousuf Shah Chak altered its examine to Gulmarg thru the 20thcentury. The town lies within the striking Chain(himalayan) peaks and is miles finisher to the Bloodline of Control.
The hill station is well-known for Gulmarg Gondola one of the highest Cable Cars in the world measuring 3,979 metres.The experience is breathtaking and memorable. Gulmarg is spotted as one of the potential site for 2010 Winter Commonwealth games. Located at the BaramullaDistt of this hill station offers picturesque scenes. It also holds the highest golf course in the world, located at a height of 2,650 m. The golf course is one of the major attraction.
Gulmarg is also known to be one of the desired resorts to kings and royal family members also during the British reign. It was the best summer retreat for the British officers.
With picturesque scenes this hill position also has beauteous gardens filled with idyllic(pleasant) flowers.
With a 5 to 20 km length this Area offers few areas of Pious grandness suchlike Baba Reshi, Haji Murad at Kreeri and Tangmarg.
Compartment ::
This village placed in Gulmarg sites in between the scenic peaks of The Chain isfamous for its soothing environment and pleasant environs.
The settlement is rumbling of uncolored model and is famous for the Compartment improve, a conductor car which operates between Gulmarg to Kondoor. The journey in the telegram car offers breathtaking scenes of vegetable valleys and mastered hills and will lose your mesmerized.
Skiing ::
Gulmarg a heartland for winter sports in Bharat is a execute skiing activity. Itprovides the uncomparable combination of extremum Terrain & Running Precipitation to create a Betray Instruction that is among the individual in the humans. & Due to its uncrowdedambience itattracts all types of Skier's varying from the unpaid to the Pro's & The Ablaze one's As-well, Feature this with Low Value Skiing Charges it Definitely Proves a Heaven for Skier's, Still amount season Skiing is not the only Process here, this Point becomes really labouring with temperature Ranging from 20 C to 25 C and variety of things From Golfing , Elevation biking , Chessman Athletics & Trekking are Enjoyed here , making it the perfect Season & Winter Retreats , Equal they Say "You hold to Be here to Expect it.

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