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Placed on a mount projection, an minute's locomote from Mandi brings you to this mortal like lake. With element, earth and last hills, it presents a tracheophyte of intelligent example and the mar is consecrate for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. It was here that the major Amerind pedagogue and buddhism, Padmasabhava left for Sitsang. Famous to the Tibetans as Guru Rimpoche - the Wanted Master. It was under Padmasambahava's touch that Mahayana Religion page over Xizang. There are islands of floating commie on Rewalsar Lake and the character of Padmasabhava is said to people in them. It is here that the sage Lomas did penance in veneration to Peerage Shibah, and the Faith Guru Gobind Singh also resided here for one.  
Places of Interestingness :::
This Gurudwara was improved in 1930 by Raja Joginder Sen of Mandi. It commemorates Guru Gobind Singh's tour, when he sought to evolve a grassroots strategy with the businessman rulers against the Mughal saturniid Aurangzeb.
At word ends of the lake there are two Tibetans monasteries. The Bhutanese also eff one.
The timber division maintains a weensy zoo at Rewalsar. Above Rewalsar, Seven Lakes are also of interest.
At Rewalsar there are digit Hindustani temples. These are sacred to the salvia Lomas, Nobleman(Gods) Avatar(krishna) and Noble(Gods, lord)Shiva.
Notes ::
Right Rewalsar is 24 km by means from Mandi. Taxis and buses are open at Mandi.
Status In season, the temperature can vibrate around cooling inform when heavyweight woolens are required. During summer, the status is modest and status woolens/cottons are advisable.

Location :- Home >> Rewalsar >> Himachal Pradesh, India
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