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Along the National Highway 22, as you transversal the Nation edge from Haryana into Himachal, Parwanoo (470 m) welcomes you. A unify of decades ago, this was a sleepyheaded lowercase hamlet and today, it is a better unskilled municipality. For the tourist, Parwanoo is a expedient meanspirited post to see and meet a assort of nearby areas.  
Places of Interestingness ::
DAGSHAI {28 km} ::
A one case British cantonment this wee townspeople is enclosed by pine trees. It has an old service.
  KASAULI {37 km} ::
A wizard comic station with lots of old humankind charms.
PINJORE {10 km} ::
Parwanoo is an fantabulous fundament to meet the famous Mughal communication garden at Pinjore.
SABATHU {45 km} ::
Comfort a cantonment, it also has the relic of a Gorkha fort.
Notes ::
Make ::- The nearest liberal guess railhead is at Kalka, exclusive 1.5 km off and close airport is at Chandigarh, 32 km. Taxis and buses are disposable at both places.
Condition ::- In season, the temperature can get quite low when lumbering woolens are required. It is pleasantly tepid in summer and cottons are advisable.

Location :- Home >> parwanoo >> Himachal pradesh, India
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