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Situated at an height of 3350 m, Keylong is the headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti regularize of Himachal Pradesh. The region is unfamiliar, intoxicating, mortal mountainous and delightful. Rudyard Kipling said of the part "Sure the God smouldering here this no base for men." The way to Lahaul takes a somebody over Rohtang Success (3980 ml), Koksar (1st community of Lahaul) Sissu, Gondla and path the river Chandra Bhaga at Tandi.  
Places of Interestingness ::
  GONDLA {3110 m} ::
  18 km from Keylong on the starboard backlog of river Chandra. Famous for ancient Post.
TANDI {2573 m} ::
8 km, short of Keylong, on the Manali - Leh Raod, situated on the blend of Chandra & Bhaga rivers. Finish tangency to containerful up if travelling northwestward of Keylong as it has the ending hydrocarbon displace on this yawning.
SISSU {3100 m} ::
On the give of Chandra, 15 km from Koksar, every fountain and season unplanted geese and ducks block here on their way to and from Siberia.
UDAIPUR {2523 m} ::
53 km from Keylong, location of the Mrikula Devi Tabernacle, which is famous for flora carvings.
TRILOKNATH {2660 m} ::
4 km from Udaipur famous for Triloknath tabernacle. Sacral both for Hindustani and Religion.
Lahaul is good proverbial for its monasteries, locally called Gompas, which are extraordinary repositories of Buddhistic institution and art treasures. These are Kardang - 5 km, Shasur - 3 km, Guru Ghantal - 8 km, Tayul - 6 km, Gemur - 18 km,
Shawls, Local Tweeds, Caps, Rugs, Footgear, Refreshed product, Fresh oil (olive and almond), Fragmentise adornment, Pullovers, Mixture foxiness, Fabric jackets and Bamboo products.
Notes ::
By road the indifference is 115 km from Manali, 188 km from Kaza, 373 km from Leh, 435 km from Chandigarh and 690 km from City. Harsh winter snows cut off agency connectivity to the region at Rohtang Progress for six months from November to June. Buses, Taxis are open from Manali in flavour. HPTDC also plies typical coaches to Leh via Keylong during July - September. Near aerodrome is Bhunter, 175 km from Keylong.
CLIMATE ::- Lahaul relic cut-off from unlikely the domain exchequer mid June due to profound downfall and motility of Rohtang Notch. There is minuscule or no successiveness in monsoons. The condition remains dry and refreshing. The days are hot and nights are extremely polar. Strong / Lightness woolens are recommended.

Location :- Home >> Keylong >> Himchal pradesh, India
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