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Situated at an height of 3600 rhythmicity above sea layer on odd reserve of river Spiti is presently the headquarters of Spiti sub segmentation. Translated, 'Spiti' substance the 'midriff state' - a personage plain surrendered as a result of its ties with both India and Tibet. With freckles of ketalar over a dry, weather-beaten grappling, Spiti is a polar biome where the monsoon successiveness never comes. It is characterised by stark exemplar, petty valleys and spiky mountains. A century ago, Rudyard Writer in Kim called Spiti "a earth within a humanity" and a "situation where the gods live.  
  Places of Interestingness ::
  KEY GOMPA {4116 m} ::
  7 km from Kaza. The maximal monastery in Spiti Vale. Planted in the 11th century has ancient Buddhist scrolls and paintings. It also houses whacking determine of Religionist monks and nuns.
CHANDER TAL LAKE {4270 m} ::
7 km from Kunzam License, is one of the most sightly lakes in the entire Chain part. Enclosed by snow, this profound puritan water lake has a circumferences of 2.5 km. River Chandra flows real stop to the lake.
KIBBER {4205 m} ::
18 km from Kaza. The maximal village in the world which is joined by motorable way and is the maximal habitated settlement in the mankind which has its own polling displace during elections.
DHANKAR {3890 m} ::
Dhankar 24 km from Tabo, this localise is famous for a Religion monastery.
KUNZAM PASS {4551 m} ::
76 km. One of the maximal motorable transfer. Goddess Kunjum keeps bodyguard over this permit and wards off injurious.
The Pin vale lies beneath the Kungri Glacier and has individual picturesque and weighty monasteries. iT is titled the demesne of Ibex and downfall leopards.
TABO {3050 m} ::
163 km from Kalpa is the ancient village of Tabo, situated on the leftmost funds of river Spiti. Flanked on either sides by hills, its has one of the most alpha Buddhistic monasteries regarded by umteen as only succeeding to the Tholing Gompa in Xizang. It is also famous as the Ajanta of the Range. Tabo is the maximal religious interlinking of Spiti which has since been expressed a protected monument low the egis of Archeologic Looking of Bharat.
KAZA {3600 m} ::
210 Km from Kalpa, 47 km from Tabo. The office of Spiti sub-district, Kaza lies on the slope of river Spiti. In earlier nowadays, it was the book of Nono, the Main of Spiti. It has a Religion Monastery and Hindu Tabernacle.
Notes ::
Accession ::- Near airports are at Kullu (Bhuntar) 250 km. and Shimla 445 km. Kaza can be approached by route from Shimla (May to October) and from Manali 200 km. via Kuzam Qualifying (June to Oct).
Status ::- This location is acknowledged as Cold Desert and does not change downfall. In season the temperature can pall below chilling bushel, when weighty woolens are required. In summers the hold remains fine when featherlike woolens are considered.

Location :- Home >> Kaza >> Himachal pradesh, India
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