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Situated at the point of 2758 m above the sea even and 110 km from Sarahan, Kalpa is a attractive and primary village of Kinnaur. Across the river faces the regal mountains of the Kinner Kailash reach. These are impressive sights earliest in the greeting as the uphill sun touches the covered peaks with coloured and golden shallow.  
Places of Interestingness :::
  If a landscape had the powers of sportfishing spells, then the Sangla valley would be a illusionist special. Once seen, it is a approximate that can never be unnoticed. Even the run humour of the Baspa river, that feed through its 95 km length, seem to engross whatsoever of the conjuration and decelerate strike to season its snow-frame model. 2 km from Sangla is the fort of Kamru (300 m) its shape same structure resembles that of the Bhima Kali labyrinthine and this was the descent of rulers of Bushehar. Chitkul (3450 m) is the conclusion village of the depression and beyond lies Xizang.
  KOTHI ::
  Just 3 km from Recong Peo. Kothi has a tabernacle devoted to the goddess Chanadika Devi. Set against a scene of mountains and graves of the deodar the tabernacle has an unusual architectural music and well shape. An elegant gilded somebody of goddess is enshrined in place.
RECONG PEO {2670 m} ::
Set 240 km from Shimla, 7 km from Powari and 13 km from Kalpa. Recong Peo is the headquarter of govern Kinnaur.
KEY GOMPA {4116 m} ::
7 km from Kaza. The maximal monastery in Spiti Valley. Official in the 11th century, it has ancient Faith scrolls and paintings. Also houses the maximal separate of Buddhist monks and nuns.
KIBBER {4205 m} ::
Kibber 18 km from Kaza. The highest village in the world which is joined by a motorable roadworthy and also the highest hamlet in the grouping which has its own polling move during elections.
RIBA {2745 m} ::
Meet 18 km from Powari on NH-22 is famous for its vineyards and localized intoxicant 'Angoori' prefabricated from grapes.
Jangi 26 km from Powari, the privileged border is placed here beyond which foreigners tell tolerate to traveling upto Tabo. From this spot the famous Kinner Kailash Parikarama Trek starts feat Morang, Thangi and Kunocharang villages and arrival Chitkul community in Sangla Depression.
KUNZAM PASS {4551 m} ::
76 km One of the maximal motorable passes. Goddess Kunjum keeps safety over the conceding and wards of the injurious.
  NAKO {3662 m} ::  
117 km from Kalpa. In Hangrang Depression is the maximal community above sea place. It is also famous for Nako Lake which has boating facilities in season and during season its nonmoving opencast is old for ice skating. Religion monastery is situated here.
TABO {3050 m} ::
163 km from Kalpa and 27 km from Sando the ancient community, Tabo is situated on the nigh cant of river Spiti. Flanked on either opinion by hills, it is one of the most eminent Faith monasteries regarded by many as exclusive next to the Tholing Gompa in Xizang. It is also acknowledged as the Ajanta of the Range. Tabo is the largest religious thickening of Spiti which has since been alleged a bastioned sepulcher under the Archeological Examination of Bharat.
KAZA {3600 m} ::
210 km from Kalpa 47 from Tabo. The headquarters of Spiti sub-district, Kaza is on the reserve of river Spiti. In earlier times, it was the cap of Nono, the principal of Spiti. It has a Faith Monastery and Hindu Temple.
Notes ::
Hit ::- Nighest Airport (267 km) and Railhead (244 km) is at Shimla. The way is on NH - 22 (The Hindustan Tibet Route) which bifurcates to Kalpa from Powari. Buses and Taxis are forthcoming at Shimla and Rampur. One can also labour Kalpa via Manali - Rohtang Permit - Kunzam Succeed - Kaza (400 km).
Condition ::- In winter, the temperature can cut to chilling taper when middleweight woolens are required. During season, the climate is temperate and illume woolens / cottons are recommended.

Location :- Home >> Kalpa >> Himachal pradesh, India
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