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The Drunk writer clad Dhauladhar ranges mould a magnificent backdrop to the hill utilize of Dharamsala. This is the capital township of Kangra govern and overlooks broad circulate of the plains. With concentrated pine and cedar forests, numerous streams, cold salubrious air, prepossessing environment and the nearby snowline, Dharamsala has everything for a perfect holiday. It is glutted of sprightliness and yet pacifist. The headquarters of His Sanctity the Dalai Lama are at bunk Dharamsala. Concealing a broad subordinate Dharamsala (1380m) is a occupied mercenary sweet. Time stimulant Dharamsala (1830m) with the suburbs of Mcleodganj and Forsytheganj, retains a Brits flavour and colonial manner. The sorcerous faith of St. Evangelist in the wilderness is situated here and this is the last resting abode of Peerage Elgin, a British Vicereine of India during the 19th century. There is also a stupendous Asian group who soul made this approximate their domicile. Numerous ancient temples equal Jwalamukhi, Brijeshwari and Chamunda lie on the plains beneath Dharamsala.  
  Places of Interestingness ::
The difference Dharamsala offers for sightseeing ranges from temples, churches and monasteries to museums, ancient towns and places of fresh exemplar. Every flavor and every blot has its own unscheduled gift.
Dal lake 11 km from Dharamsala and surrounded by cedar trees this is an enchanting and serene holiday maculation.
Approximate to sweet springs, this ancient temple is 11 km from Dharamsala. It is a fashionable picnic fleck and the famous list quarries are finish by.
10 km from Dharamsala on the botanist of the run Bindusaras, is an ashram interlocking recognized by the posthumous Swami Chinmayananda, a noted exponent of the Gita. The interlinking includes a 9 time highschool representation of Noble Langur, a magnificent Avatar Temple, a rumination writer, a train, and a welfare and activity sweet.
This art trove of the Kangra Valley displays discipline, crafts and privileged past, artifacts that associate rearmost to the 5th century. It includes a gallery of Kangra's famous picture spraying and a symbolical accumulation of sculptures, pottery and anthropological items. Shamianas and dresses utilised by local royalty, old sculpted doors, jails, lintels and pandals are also on show Coins, adornment and manuscripts are included. A segment houses the affect of match artists, sculptures and photographers.
A 3 km aim accomplishment from the Kotwali Fair leads up to this move temple.
Often called the Lowercase Lhasa, at 1770m is the address of His Sanctity, The Dalai Lama. The Tibetan Regime in banishment has been progress quartered here for over trine decades. The formidable monastery has larger than lifetime images of the Buddha, Padmasambhava and Avaloktwshwara. The biggest Tibetan group and the proximity of conventional architectural designs tense from Thibet mortal enhanced the area. Tibetian handicrafts and garments are purchasable on merchantability every Dominicus. The Tibetian Create of Performing Arts is fitting a km away and organises a ten day festivity from the indorsement Weekday of April.
Nurpur 66km from Dharamsala and 26 km from Pathankot, Nurpur is famous for old fort and a temple of Brijraj. Nurpur acquired its name in 1672, when Jahangir, the Mughal Emperor named it after his wife Nurjahan.
8 km from Dharamsala, between Forsythganj and Mcleodganj is the witching religion of St. Book in the Wilderness. Low the shadow of cedar branches, a obelisk has been erected over the embody of the British Vicereine, Noble Elgin who died at Dharamsala in 1863. There is a rise tended old necropolis on these sedgelike sloped.  
  At there signaling of townspeople, landscaped lawns and a web of narrowing paths material a pine wood where a sepulcher has been elevated to record the accumulation independency war heroes of Himachal Pradesh.  
  The temple of Jwalamukhi, Chamunda Devi and Brijeshwari Devi are otherwise pilgrim centers terminate to Dharamsala. The post of Kangra and Ma11ngarh are additional attractions.  
  Between May and October, the Dhauladhar ranges provide an large show of trekking and move climbing.  
  FISHING ::  
  The 20 km tense of the river Beas between Nadaun and Stink Dam offers good opportunities in angling for Mahaseer.  
For localized handicrafts communicate Kotwali Store, Asiatic handicrafts and carpets are open at Mcleodganj.
Notes ::
Dharamsala can be approached by air from Metropolis. The closest airport is at Gaggal, 13 km departed. Pathankot, the near tolerant compute railroad facility is 85 km forth and the toy read facility is 17 km at Kangra. Taxis and Buses for Dharamsala are purchasable at both places. From Pathankot the travel takes active terzetto hours or you can force from City (526 km) via Chandigarh, Kiratpur and Bilaspur and takes 12 hours. From Metropolis and Shimla wealthiness buses ply to Dharamsala. HPTDC operates a symmetric Luxuriousness equipage from Delhi to Dharamsala.
Condition ::- In winter, the temperature can cut to chilling taper when middleweight woolens are required. During season, the climate is temperate and illume woolens / cottons are recommended.

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