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On the Kalka - Shimla Route, Barog (1680m) has grown from a plain stay to a full-fledged destination. Surrounded by conifer and oak forests, Barog has a ranking stage. Barog makes a conveniently getatable goal and a trip stop to or from Shimla.  
Places of Interestingness :::
On of the most irresistible post in the Scots style on the Kalka - Shimla plain route.
  DAGSHAI (7 km) ::
A one example Brits cantonment. This is puny municipality enclosed by pine trees and has an old church.
SOLAN (8 km ) ::
Set on the Somebody Route - 22 Solan derives its refer from "Shoolini Devi" a anesthetic deity whose temple is situated in Solan Graon which is in macrocosm since ancient present. Gannet also remained metropolis of past Bhagat Country for umteen years. A famous "Shoolini Blonde" is commemorated every period in 2nd period of June at Thoda Percept. The townspeople has varied cultural and unpaid centers likewise temples and churches. There are dishy parks such as Children Adventurer, Mohan Explorer and Jawahar Stadium which love enough arrangements for soothing move and strolling. A mini zoo in the lot adds to the fascination of the surround. Durga Association, Nuclear Country Repository, Change and Upper.
SOLAN BREWERY (11 km) ::
This is in world since 1855 AD. Formerly Dyer Meakin Brewary, it is not only celebrated in the country but also in adventive countries for its products.
JATOLI (15 km) ::
Jatoli 7 km from Solan this immature but handsome community on Solan - Rajgarh touring famous for Vishal Week tabernacle.
On Solan - Rajgarh way there is a minuscule settlement renowned as Ochhghat. 5km from here on Narag-Sarahan way, placed at famous Bon Monastery renowned 'Yungdrung Bon Monastery' beingness run by Yungdrung Bon Monastic Centre. This was supported in 1969 by the Abbot Lungtog Tenpai Nyima. After 14 geezerhood of erect energy, he managed to create a totally consciousness ample monastery with 120 monks, processing it into a thriving, busy move of all branches of Tibetan tralatitious learning. On the eve of New Period and on remaining occasions iii unnameable Bon dances are performed here which are of high feature.
KAROL GOOFA (17 km) ::
On the Karol Tibba (2135m) and 8 km from Solan municipality is an ancient Sidh Goofa which is wise to be one of the long Goofa in Range realm. It starts from Karol and ends somewhere at Pinjore. Besides Goddess Kali and Nobleman Hanuman temples, Thakur Mandir on top of the comedian are few the enthusiastic attractions for the pilgrims and visitors. The trek up to Karol is infuse but quite pleasant. This residence is very touristy amongst the trekkers and swaggering picnickers.
In the environment on Rajgarh Agency the Lincoln is an uncomparable sweet of higher studies and research in horticulture and forestry. The total campus is designer sight.
Placed alongside the Solan - Rajgarh agency, this property is famous for Mahasheer sportfishing in Giri river.
RAJGARH (53 km) ::
A picturesque atlantic with numerous orchards and holiday spots equivalent Habban and Nacchana.
  Notes ::  
Admittance :: The closest airport is at Jubbar-Hatti, 65 km departed. The closest bare figure railhead is at Barog itself. By way Chandigarh is 62 km and Shimla is 55.
Condition : In season, the temperature can dip neighbouring to freezing restore when lowering woolens are required and in summers insufficient woolens / cottons are recommended.

Location :- Home >> Barog >> Himachal Pradesh, India
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