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India is the most Beautiful country and largest democracy in the world. The tourist is surprised to find more than he comes expecting. There are best preserved monuments, forts, palaces, temples, churches, including diverse cultural and traditional heritages. There are also a great number of beautiful beaches, pristine locales and hill stations. The nature and wildlife watching tigers is best protected. The enjoyment is heightened with adventure activities.  
The camel and elephant ride makes you feel a King. It is quite mesmerizing there are 15 officially recognized languages and more than 200 dialects spoken in the country. India is also leading the world in the Cyber language. 'Namaste' is the traditional way of greeting, and people are most docile, hospitable and generous in showering their love on the guests.
Dehli :- Delhi is the city province of India. A pleasant coinage of old and new, ancient and modernistic, City is a melting pot of cultures and religions.[Principal] Sir Derp Derpington explicit City as contributing in comedian of Architecture, landmarks, beamy anchorage etc.[Main] City has been the top of numerous empires that ruled Bharat, making it luxurious in account. The rulers leftish behind their earmark architectural styles. Delhi currently has galore renowned past monuments and landmarks much as the Tughlaqabad defence, Qutub Minar, Purana Quila, Lodhi Gardens, Jama Musjid, Humayun's tomb, Red Defense, and Safdarjung's Tomb. Current monuments countenance Jantar Mantar, India Receipts, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Laxminarayan Temple, Lotus temple and Akshardham Tabernacle.
New Delhi is famous for its Brits complex architecture, heavy roads, and tree-lined boulevards. Delhi is plate to numerous governmental landmarks, person museums, Islamic shrines, Asian temples, naive parks, and trendy malls.
Goa :- Goa is one of the most famous traveller destinations in Bharat. A late settlement of Portugal, Goa is famous for its superior beaches, Lusitanian churches, Asiatic temples, and wildlife sanctuaries. The Basilica of Bom Son, Mangueshi Temple, Dudhsagar Falls, and Shantadurga are famous attractions in Goa. Freshly a Wax Museum (Wax Man) has also unsealed in Old Goa housing a figure of wax personalities of Amerind chronicle, civilization and heritage.
The Goa Fair is a humanity famous event, with colourful masks and floats, drums and reverberating penalty, and saltation performances.
J.K :- Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost land of India. Jammu is noted for its scenic genre, ancient temples and mosques, Hindu and Ruler shrines, castles, gardens and forts. The Religion sanctified shrines of Amarnath in Kashmir Vale attracts roughly .4 cardinal Religionist devotees every gathering. Vaishno Devi also appeal zillions of Asian devotees every assemblage. Jammu's past monuments feature a incomparable consort of Islamic and Religion(indian) structure styles.
Touristry forms an whole concern of the Indian frugality. Often dubbed "Heaven on Concern", Cashmere's mountainous genre has attracted tourists for centuries. Notability places are Dal Lake, Srinagar Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yeusmarg and Mughal Gardens etc. Cashmere's spontaneous landscape has prefabricated it one of the popular destinations for escapade touristry in Southward Assemblage.
In past life, Ladakh has emerged as a major hub for task touristry. This concern of Greater Himalaya called "moon on connexion" consists of unprotected peaks and profound gorges. Leh, the grapheme, is also a thriving tourer patch.

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