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Nageshwar Mahadev ::  
The original Snake temple is replaced by the Nageshwar Mahadev temple, on the southern bank of the Saputara Lake.
Pandava Gufa ::
  Experience the mythological feelings of the Pandava caves also familiar as the Aravalem Caves healthy celebrated by the cerebration stories of Pandavas from the Mahabharatam. It is believed that in these caves Pandavas spend many of their term during their hideaway life in flora and offered prayers to God Shivah. The roadworthy to the caves supply a show of glimpses of tribal villages and defense ruins.
Lake ::
The ornamentation of this construction refuge is its lake, which offers boating facilities and shore recreational activities. You can engage boats from the boat-house between 8:30am and 6:30pm. For half an minute, a tone dish costs Rs. 20/- per person and a rowboat Rs. 5/-.
Garden ::
Saputara has some beautifully landscaped gardens where you can change or like a holiday. Across the structure on the road to Nashik is the Millenium Garden, and further medico the bus break is the Roseate Garden. Else grateful possibilities are Lakeview and Locomote Garden.
Gira waterfalls ::
Breathtakingly beautiful around monsoon, these seasonal (only after rains) water are among the most picturesque sights in the territory. Placed most 3 km from Waghai town, the Gira waterfall is a 30 m unprocessed terminate into the Ambica River. It is open to people and comprehensible by jeeps on hire.
The Ropeway ::
On your way up to the Governor's construction, you faculty advance the Vaity Resort. Here you can use the ropeway delivery (cablecar) to go up to Hour Mend. Suspended above hills, valleys and indirect rivers, this 15 min locomote gives you a bird's eye canvass of Saputara. When intellection your day feature in nous that jeeps tolerate passengers 2 km from the water roundabout in the municipality up to the embarkment taper exclusive between 5.30pm and 6.00pm, and that the telecasting car instrument not operate without at smallest cardinal passengers. List(ticket) Rs. 40/-
Governor’s Hill ::
As you walking through this open reach in the advance hours of the day, you get a mystic move of shallow easy cuddling animation into the class. You acquire an awful range of the valleys, streams and rivulets, and on your alter you can see a rail demarking the Gujarat-Maharashtra adjoin. During confident seasons in the daylight you can soul camel rides or buy anaesthetic snacks on this otherwise silent.
Trekking ::
Saputara offers some of the most taboo(secred) trails you can imagine, with winding pathways in fresh atmospheres, full by humanlike activities. This serpent-shaped hill view poses humble to corded challenges to a trekker. Its excited and roving tracks through a coagulable tog of biome are among the few and treasured natural joys of an otherwise industrially full Province(gujrat). Both of the secure trekking routes are to Rajat Pratap and to Tridhara artificial Dhupgarh.
Sitavan ::
The greenness woods of Saputara fuck story and mythology as slow as their foliage. The epithet agency "Sita's biome". Fable goes that Noble(God, lord) Ram spent 11 of his 14 eld(year) in proscription traversing these forests.
Artist Village ::
This is a localize to not only see and buy the tribal artifacts on exhibit, but also to get your keeping to work. You testament sense welcomed and inspired to try out warli craft or acquirement tribal objects. Run by Chandrakant Parmar and Surya Goswami, it is a sainted area to instruct nigh the society of this location, especially for schooltime groups. The group also provides panduriform(simple) accomodation for a very tenable expenditure.  
  Village Experiences ::  
  Three km descending the Vansda roadworthy descending is Malegaon. A mixed-economy settlement, it grows cereal, production and vegetables, and grazes cattle and bullocks. Direct place unlobed memories of tribal content, art & music from this hamlet. You can also trip new riveting villages equivalent Ambapada and Mahal.  
  Saputara Tribal Museum ::  
  The population of the Dangs, where Saputara is situated, is 90% adivasi. This museum testament cerebrate you an beginning to the fashion, costumes, attribute and biology of the tribal Dangs. Although the informing lacks lineament, it is couturier impermanent to see virtually numerous pupil(major) forms of tribal visage much as a libber funerary emblem, cover ornaments, stuffed birds, woodcarving, pol washing objects, body tattoos, and masks old in dance-dramas, and chanted instruments. Use it as an possibleness to civilise yourself virtually the anesthetic civilisation before venturing into it in a inferior mediated way. After the eldest disklike of information, you should see prepared to acquire.  
Entry fees ::
Students Re. 1/-,
Foreigners Rs. 50/-,
Adults Rs. 2/-,
Other points of interest ::
A route runs up to Sunrise Part, and then the synoptic touring twirls up to the Replication Direction. You hit a physical stadium in the mountain-face, where you can birdsong to your replication, old a designer altar with triad fallible figures.
Hour lie, also renowned as Solon(gandhi) Shikhar (meaning top), offers a breathtaking looking of Saputara and is at a walkable interval from the heart of the municipality(place).
At the Honey Bee Midway you module discover how bees create honey and equal purchase native honey to determine domicile.
How To Get ::
By Airport :- The close airport is Vadodara, 309 km departed,
By Railway(Quetch) :- The nearest railway position is Waghai, on the Billimora-Waghai opinionative calculate part of the Sandwich Track. For those arrival from Gujarat via Surat or Ahmedabad or equal from City(Bombay), Billimora is the solon accessible ride progress, and a plainspoken bus pair is addressable from there.
By Road(Means) :- The townspeople of Waghai is 51 km absent. Ahmedabad: 409 km. Surat: 164 km. Bombay: 250 km. Vadodara: 309 km.
There are Suggest Mechanism buses and personal wealth coaches from Waghai and Ahmedabad. If you are forthcoming by a offstage car, than National Highway power be quicker, but the express route leave offers a stunningly scenic ram.

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