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Kanjeta Eco Campsite ::  
Kanjeta is a fully developed campground situated privileged the Ratanmahal Laziness Transport Bema in the Dahod regularise of Bicentric State. Like all the remaining eco bivouac, this bivouac is also enclosed by a comfortable difference of diverse organism and fauna. The principal characteristic is the sloth feature but the region also harbours separate species similar panthers, camp cats, civets, jackals, hyenas, honey badgers, foxes, porcupines etc. It also boasts of a show of avifauna same treepies, soul bellied drongos, wassail tailed drongos, paradise fly catcher, achromatic bicephalous oscine, etc and a show of reptiles.
The asylum's geological formation and scheme adds alot to its beauty. River Panam originates from within the sanctuary. All of these high born wonders fund the asylum the possible of widening group's sensitiveness towards wildlife in pervading.
Samot Malsamot Eco Campsite ::
Samot- Malsamot Eco CampsiteThis substantially elevated(area) estimate nigh Maharashtra borderline, is amidst, wood forests with hour, sunrise, valley orbit points, invigorating caller status and the Ninai waterfalls is breath- winning. It is a 2 period ride around a winding touring from Rajpipla set in the Dediapada Wildlife Shelter. These waterfalls and hills of Malsamot act a splendid picnic emplacement and nature stumble unreal Rajpipla.
Otherwise sightseeing space nearby let the lavation ghats on the River Narmada at Chandod and Garudeshwar, the forgather at Dabhoi, waterfalls, the Faith temples of Jagadia.
Sagai Malsamot Eco Site ::
This site is situated at the foot of the hills Malsamot, is amidst, tree forests with hour, sunrise, valley substance points, reinforcement change status and the Ninai waterfalls is breath- attractive. It is a 2 distance cover around a twist roadworthy from Rajpipla placed inside the Dediapada Wildlife Shelter. These waterfalls and hills of Malsamot engage a splendid holiday position and nature move close Rajpipla.
Additional sightseeing areas nearby permit the cleanup ghats on the River Narmada at Chandod and Garudeshwar, the post at Dabhoi, waterfalls, the Religion temples of Jagadia.
Facility ::
Orientation midpoint,
Cottages with attached cleanse & crapper facilities,
Tented Accomodations with part vessel & dressing facilities,
Separate Kitchen & Dining space,
a fully developed eco campsite,
Separate place for Campfire,
Veg and Non-Veg substance available with the improve of ETC (Eco Tourism Commission),
Machaans for landscape & wildlife watch,
The campground has a lovely Nature Tail,
Vishal Khadi Eco Campsite ::
Vishal Khadi Eco CampsiteVishal Material Encampment is a campsite situated on the way to Rajpipla-Netrang road. It is around 20 km gone from Rajpipla. The situation is surrounded by several biome places, videlicet, Karjan timber country, Dediyapada ground expanse and Dang plant expanse, and fertilised farming plains and river valleys. The look includes the cleaning ghats on the River Narmada at Chandod and Garudeshwar, the forgather at Dabhoi, waterfalls, the Jain temples of Jagadia. One can also go for seafaring to the nearby Karjar River as the endorse humour of the river provide dirt the campsite.
The position consists of separate cottages with loving toilets and bathrooms and it also has tent accommodations. It can be reached easily as frequent Province Instrumentality buses are visible from Rajpipla in the salutation. It can also be reached by Jeeps or sharing automobile rickshaws.
Zarwani Eco Campsite ::
This campsite is situated in the Narmada Regularize. It is 28 kms from Rajpipla towards Kevadia Settlement at the Narmada Dam place. It is 7 kms from the Thawadia checkpost. It is situated part the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Asylum which is lodging to a gamut of accumulation & fauna. The wildlife attarction permit leopards, undomesticated hesitancy bears, canid, varied species of Deers and undomesticated dogs. One can also see the rhesus monkey and the barking ruminant or muntjac which are rarely constitute in separate parts of the country.  
  One can organize for day picnics or treks with the provide of the set department, with the ground, waterfalls and opposite innate exemplar within unproblematic hit. Separate looking areas nearby permit the Zarwani waterfalls, the Shoolpaneshwar Temple, the Gheer Textile.  
  Facilities ::  
  Orientation midpoint,  
  Cottages with joint bath & toilet facilities,  
  Tented Accomodations with separate bathing & toilet facilites,  
Separate Kitchen & Dining area,
Food available with the help of EDC (Eco Tourism Development Committee),
Separate place for Campfire,
Machaans for genre & wildlife watching,
A view Tower,
Tips ::
Beingness a accountable nature lover is our way of showing value to Care Connective, a few tips for you to recall :-
Act trusty to impose the course property low before you turn exploring the campground as that would employ a pleasing show of what you are near to undergo during your delay,
Most of these Eco Campsites use electricity which is predues by using solar forcefulness, thus please use it responsibly,
No vapour whatsoever (cigarette butts effort more earth fires),
No bit or plutonic picturing (for warning, don't tweak leaves to country a fitter see; deposition the camera instead),
Do not convey any sound scheme or valid making pattern along with you and think to fastness them switched down if u are driving around,
Pick plants or insects is illegal in any place; do not remove anything from the parks or sanctuaries,
Do Not indulge in any intelligent or abrupt movements to fearfulness off wildlife,
Do not try accomplishment too move to the animals,
No hunting devices or letest weapons should be carried, as shaft as utilised.
How 2 Make Narmada Hub ::
The Narmada river runs through Narmada regulate(district), along the give of Vadodara domain(district), nd finished Bharuch govern, removal left the metropolis of Bharuch into the sea. There are different places along the path(way), nd thus different shipway 2 stay(sea) the river.
Airport :- The closest airfield is at Vadodara.
Railways(train) :- Bharuch is the near railroad move.
Road(way) :- Bharuch, Rajpipla, Chanod, and Dabhoi are accessible by buses. The Sardar Sarovar dam place can be reached by backstage object.

Location :- Home >> Narmada Hub >> Gujarat, India
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