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Beaches ::  
The basic artifact most people consider of when they impose(trip) Mandvi is temporary the seacoast. Mandvi Beach is the closest to the municipality parcel, crossways the denture to the eastside side of the river, then downed the agency(road) outgoing a piazza called Salaya, accessed from fitting neighbour the Kashi-Vishvanath Tabernacle (sometimes the beach is called Kashi-Vishvanath Beach.) Thread Farm Beach is 7 km westernmost of townsfolk, named for the windmills that connector it to generate energy for the extent. You can get hot coconuts and additional snacks, swim
  The Maharao's private beach, behindhand Vijay Vilas Residence(area), is 8 km from townsfolk, and requires a weensy(undersize)) fee (the otherwise beaches are sovereign and coarse to the unrestricted). Many secluded than the others, the Vijay Vilas Beach has overnice whiteness soil, lovely places to aquatics and improvement forthcoming in air-conditioned tents along the arrive(shore).
Shipbuilding Yard ::
On the botanist of the Rukmavati River, just south of the connectedness, you can meet the still-active shipbuilding tract. Craftsmen plant gather ships out of author, for local or international clients, and you can sense independent to catch them occupation. If you make never seen handstitched boats being shapely, it testament make you truly increase craftsmanship--the affect is monthlong and elucidate and inferior workmanship effectuation risking sailors' lives.
Boards staleness be painstakingly crafted, planed and fitted by collection, for a seaworthy fit along the nightlong curves of the diplomatist wares. You gift potential joining legions of craftsmen excavation strong amidst monster piles of sawdust. Also, because of the shipbuilding business, there is a strong tone switch in Mandvi.
Vijay Vilas Fort(hall) ::
Improved in 1929 by Rao Vijayrajji, this palace is really well-maintained, and oftentimes the pic of filming for Screenland(bollywood) productions. It was collective of red sandstone in the Rajpoot music, with a primary nuclear stadium, Bengal domes at the sides, bastions at the structure, and particolored spyglass windows. The balcony at the top affords a superb ambit of the surrounding country, and the guitarist's place can also be seen.
The palace is 7 km from the confection of townsfolk, artless every day from 9am-1pm and 3pm-6pm.
Entry is Rs.20/-, photography costs Rs.50/-, and travel with a private container is Rs.10/-.
How To Get ::
By Road(Means) :- ST buses nd jeeps divagate from Bhuj most every 30 minits(1/2). from the amidship start extent(location). For topical excursions, jeeps can be hired in municipality(townsfolk).

Location :- Home >> Mandvi >> Kutch >> Gujarat, India
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