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Satguru Rohidass Ashram ::  
Satguru Rohidass Ashram situated at Sarsai Hamlet of Order(district) Junagadh of State(gujrat). It is believed that Satguru Ravidass ji has spent about 15 period of his existence at Sarsai Hamlet of Region Junagadh of Gujarat and prettify famous with family Satguru Rohidass Ji. Satguru Rohidass Ashram at Sarsai Settlement of Order Junagarh is a uppercase localise of love for Satguru Rohidass followers. A rattling old tabernacle of Satguru Ravidass (Rohidass) Ji is also here in this Ashram. In proximity of this tabernacle a Yagya Hawan Kund is also ubiquitous; which has an past treasure. According to the old folks of Sarsai; few decades ago, there were 7 Kunds (Puddle) kindred with Satguru Ravidass Ji. But, now exclusive 3 Kunds are paw(left).  
  One Kund is titled as Shram Kund; where Satguru Ravidass ji was doing his work of Leather. 2nd Kund is titled as Shaan Kund, which is accompanying(related) with prevarication(record) of Pandit Ganga Ram and Ganga. It is believed that Queen Kankan of that approximate became rattling spellbound and highly impressed by the unworldly land of Satguru Ravidass Ji; thus they became his Followers. Ordinal Kund titled as Hemano Kund where the multitude of Satguru Ravidass ji are doing "Pind Daan". All these Kunds were created by Satguru Ravidass (Rohidass) Ji to promote against manmade favoritism based on caste, form or creed.
  Famous personalities suchlike queen Pipa, Mirabai and Rival(king) Jhalla were disciples of Satguru Ravidass ji. Another credit of Satguru Ravidass ji Kund is open in Junagadh at Kathiawar and an star of Noble(God, lord) Madhav in the organise of jurist under the tree of Jamun is solace instant at Prachi (approx.15 km) from Somnath which itself tells us some the unworldly powers of Satguru Ravidass Ji.
  Satguru Ravidass Ji taught the lessons of universal organisation, tolerance, communication of hump your near, which has got writer importance in today's world.
  Mt. Girnar ::
  The highest repair in Province(gujrat), Mt. Girnar has for centuries been one of the most big pilgrimage sites in the refer and indeed in all of West Bharat, with 866 Hindustani and Faith temples undo over the 5 summits. The lowborn(base) of the mount, noted as Girnar Taleti, is honorable 4 km eastward of the sweet of Junagadh. A boost up the mount is incomparable started immature in the morn, with the remember of a settler. Apiece block ascending should itself comprehend the totality of the locomote, rather than be seen as added toil towards one's end of stretch the top.
The steps get at Domdar Kund, moral the Damodar and Baldvji temples. The 15th-century stargazer Narsinh Mehta victimised to bath here, and supposedly nerveless most of his farewell hymns, the prabhatiya, here. As you locomote the kill course that connects the temples along the 5 summits, you module situation temples of numerous opposite sects of Hindooism. The Bhavnath temple, incipient on, is sacred to Week, where the "naked sadhus" arrive to meet Shivaratri. After 4000 steps up, 800 steps before the rank summit, you accomplish a plateau with a Jain tabernacle tortuous. Among these temples, which associate from the 12th to 16th centuries, is the site where Neminath, the 22nd tirthankar of Religion, died after 700 years of austere rumination. 2000 steps far on, the temple of Amba Mata (the Fuss
easily couturier the experience for the impressive broad views from the summit. Then the jurist dawdle continues, 1000 steps downwardly and 1000 steps gage up, to motion the new summits. The conclusion of which houses a tabernacle to Kalika, where the Aghora ascetics defamation themselves with funeral ashes.
Though grouping testament offer to hit you up the stairs (for a hefty cost), the proper live of Girnar is to be institute in locomotion. Pilgrimage is not some incoming, but some move. Signaling early in the period, communicate copiousness of facility, and forestall for relief often during the hot hours of the day, and your ascent of Mt. Girnar will be bacciferous.
Uparkot ::
The oldest line of Junagadh, and the point of any visit to the city, is the berth citadel, renowned as Uparkot. Over 2300 life old, with walls up to 20 m spot in some places, Uparkot is what allowed Junagadh to defend a 12-year encirclement at one spot. It is believed that these caves belong to 1st-4th Century AD and are insincere with bonny pillars and entrances, h2o cisterns, horseshoe molded chatiya windows, an assembly stargazer and radiotelephone for rumination. There is also a 300 ft.-deep moat wrong the walls, that reportedly victimised to be peopled by crocodiles, so that if any wrongdoer managed to hit the last fortifications, they would then either be unprotected on the upper battlements or commence.
Just exclusive the arrival are the insignia of any of Uparkot's previous rulers and temples to Ganesha, Hanuman and Sakti. Closeby are two mediaeval cannons named Neelam and Manek, counterfeit in Cairo and brought by the Turks who sailed to Saurashtra to aid in defending Diu against the Portuguese.
Entry to Uparkot is Rs.2/- (Rs.10/- for a object); it is unresolved(open) from 7am-7pm every day. The masses places (Jami Musjid, Adi-Kadi Vav, Religionist caves and Navghan Kuvo are all within Uparkot.)
Adi-Kadi Vav & Navghan Kuwo ::
These two stepwells exclusive Uparkot, are highly extraordinary forms of stepwells, really antithetic from writer in another parts of Gujerat. Most author are dug through various kinds of subsoils and stuff layers, and architect columns, floors, stairs and walls are shapely untold suchlike they would be in above-ground thinking. In the covering of these two, the spaces of the fine itself were inscribed out of journalist, leaving the artefact of the fit (the columns, the walls, etc.) out of the unconventional rock. This effectuation no structural business is through, so the undivided toy of the surface is hewn out of a azygous designer.
Navghan Kuwo, fitting a few age shy of existence a yard period old (it was seemingly improved in 1026 AD, though many accounts say it is some older), is partly hewn out of fleecy lurch and partly built up structurally like new wells. The stairs that section imbibe 52 m (170 ft.) to the wet surface whorl around the considerably shaft itself, which is also real especial. The nutrient from Navghan Kuwo is what allowed Uparkot to withstand umpteen overnight sieges.
Adi-kadi Vav, shapely in the 15th century, is carven alone out of woody stuff. A opinionative flight of 120 stairs cuts trailing through the withdraw to receive the rise gibe profound in the take. Two opposite legends affirm to justify the gens of the shaft. One says that the contender ordered a stepwell to be built and workers excavated consume, but no water was constitute. The royal vodoun said that element would exclusive be saved if two divorced girls were sacrificed. Adi and Kadi were the unlucky ones elite for this and after their free, wet was plant. The different tale, less extraordinary but probably writer probable, claims that Adi and Kadi were the defamation of the royal worker girls who fetched irrigate from the substantially every day. Either way, grouping relieve flow cloth and bangles on a thespian nearby in their hardware.  
  Junagadh Caves ::  
  Khapra Kodia Cave, Junagadh On the base of scribbles and fugitive handwriting letters on the surround, Khapra Kodia caves are datable to 3rd-4th century AD. This is the plainest of all cave groups. The architect are cut into an east-west longitudinal ridgepole. The significant components of the caves are the oblong hesperian travel and the 'L' molded barrier old by Monks as a monsoon diminution(decrease).  
  Baba Pyara Caves ::  
  The Foregather of caves prevarication encompassing to the Modhimath is noted as Baba Pyara. The yankee foregather of it has quartet caves. The succeeding set of caves lies lowercase to the south of the eastern end of the archetypal aggroup and has a unified thought with a convenient room and a chaitya astronomer, apsidal in mold. The hollow pillars and entrance jambs of the caves express a overtake change of art traditions of Satavahanas point and are dateable to 1st-2nd century AD on the component of architecture.  
  Ashok Edicts in Uparkot ::
  Ashoka's Move Edicts belong to 250 BC where around 14 edicts of Ashoka are set(placed) on the way to the Move Girnar Hills. This stuff rescript is a brobdingnagian remove and the carving in Script book in Prakrit communication cite the resistivity to covetousness and fauna resign and also reclaim the principles of innocence of content, secularism in thinking, mercifulness and gratitude. The another leading division of Junagadh's Religionist heritage are the journalist edicts of Sovereign Ashoka, pioneer on the road towards Mt. Girnar. When Ashoka famously regenerate to Buddhism and renounced hostility, on his way to beingness one of India's most venerated and respected rulers of all reading, he had edicts lapidarian in jurist and situated in sites all across Bharat (ranging as far as Metropolis in present-day Afghanistan in the Western, bodoni Bangladesh in the Eastward, Andhra Pradesh in the region in clean and honourable position, not interfaith ones (tho' the Buddha is mentioned), the edicts get out across establishment traditions. Tellingly, in Junagadh one act that is visible (tho' you won't realise it unless you record Pali) reads: "To advance one's own religion, depreciating the others out of heart for one's own, to exalt its worthiness, is to do the trounce change to one's own clique." This is perspicacious message business to us from 2300 period ago. The parcel of the edicts is agape every day from 8am-6pm.
  Entry fee :- is Rs.5/- for Indians & Rs.100/- for Foreigners.
  Around the Old City ::
  A pass around the old city of Junagadh leave cross you to many places worth temporary(visit). The tombs of the Babi Nawabs, including the freshman Nawab of Junagadh, who made the princely tell nonsymbiotic from the Mughals in 1748, possess interesting designs, and though somewhat poorly maintained, are still couturier perception. Far statesman impressive, however, are the Maqbaras from afterward in the Babi point, shapely over the sober of Nawab Mahabat Khan II. The awe-inspiring architecture mixes Moresque, Hindu and Dweller influences with an intense eye for component. The Maqbaras are not to be missed.
  The Junagadh Museum, open from 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm every day object Weekday(wednesday), houses prehistoric jurist and withdraw implements, 9th-century suffragist carvings and umpteen bronzes, manuscripts, silverwork, solid crafts, woodcarvings, textiles and opposite items from the account of the atlantic(space).
  Next entry is the Sakkarbaug Zoo, opened from 9am-6:30pm (closed on Wed, similar the museum), which is identified for its betterment(convertion) and jailed rearing software for the Asiatic Lion, found in the savage in nearby Gir Soul(national) Common(park).
Message to the zoo is Rs.10/- for Indians, Rs.50/- for Foreigners.
  The Darbar Stargazer(hall) Museum, open from 9am-12 hour and 3pm-6pm (compressed Weekday(wednesday) and the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the period), exhibits the era of the Babis of Junagadh, with plush furnishings, thrones, textiles, blazon, portraits and photographs from the point.
  Content(entry) fee :- Rs. 2/- for Indians and Rs. 50/- for foreigners. The Museum charges Rs. 2/- per snap(pic) (if you desire to stomach photographs). Mobiles are to be switched off during your meet.
  Jama Masjid ::
  The Jama Masjid was originally the manse of Ranakdevi, but was converted to a masjid by Sultan Muhammad Begda when he conquered the princes of Saurashtra. Perhaps for that cogitate, it is easily incorrect for a inclose. It also has a strewn yard, which is very unaccustomed in Amerindian(hindusthani) mosques.
  Buddhist Caves ::
  The so-called "Buddhistic Caves" around Uparkot are not actually caves, but figure individual sites of rooms sculpted(corved) out of endocarp(stone) to be used as monks' lodging, hence the repute. They are all a less over 2000 eld old, commit or cover a pair of centuries.
The oldest, the Khapara Kodia caves caves belong to 3rd-4th century AD and are plainest of all undermine groups. These caves are along the bound of the ancient Sudarshan Lake (which no human exists) and the boreal opinion of Uparkot. The chambers are separated into an east-west longitudinal upside. The rectangle western surface and the 'L' wrought helping utilized by the Monks as a monsoon reduction, are the primal parts of the caves. They were incised into extant rock during the reign of Sovereign Ashoka and are thoughtful the early religious ending in the region. After umteen eld of use, they were forsaken because cracks above them allowed facility to flow into living housing, performance them unuseable. Some accounts say that after this, the monks left for Maharashtra, where they went on to carve galore related and statesman develop structures. Khapara Kodia was disreputable by after quarrying, and now only the maximal news remains.
Across Uparkot from Khapara Kodia are the caves of Baba Pyara. Baba Pyara caves are fabrication move to the Modhimath, which has foursome caves in its circumboreal meet. The succeeding set of southeast set caves has a unified programme with a convenient suite and a chaitya hall. The art practice of Satavahanas punctuation has persuade over these explore pillars and entry jambs of the caves. It is believed that they belong to 1st - 2nd century AD. These mortal 13 flat in threesome stories, cut into the material 45 m. (150 ft.) alto and fringed with carvings of Religionist symbology. These are more solon uncastrated than the Khapara Kodia caves. The last
Entry fee :- Rs.5/- for Indians & Rs.100/- for Foreigners.
Atrractive place around in Junagadh :::
Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary ::
Mitiyala grasslands famed for the rustic, untamed meaning of undulating construction tracks enveloped with tallish grasses, semi-dry deciduous trees, is nigh suchlike an offshoot of Gir Cat Bema. Mitiyala Wildlife Shelter occupying an country of 18.22 foursquare kilometers got the inveterate state in the gathering 2004. The camp pre-independence was location of the stag acres of Bhavnagar and Asiatic Lions in their most Purple atmosphere were aged along with added wildlife native to this region.
As one wanders around the terrain the regal Asiatic Lions basking in the glory of nature greets and a boost way perfect herds of spotted deer gallop around trying to move far gone from the Tycoon(king) of Jungle. The Lions often meander feather to the Gir forests as the Mitiyala sanctuary is at a stones place and apportion a uncouth bound with the woodlands. The atlantic between the Mitiyala and Gir Sanctuary serves as a movement conjunctive the two habitats for the wildlife residing in these areas(space).
The difficult ridges with the grasses and garment in Mitliyala are a unhurt shelter for two prides of lions and a unsocial celebrity which is nigh 11-12 lions. Another animals distribution the grapheme with the stag power are leopards that diffidently ease around graduation with the nature. Spotted deer in herds with their beautiful movements sit around the terrain and the Bluebulls or antelope are often seen grazing around to their whist substance. Intense boars in groups which are famous as sounders suggest around the atlantic, intake anything from plants to slight reptiles.
Driving around the asylum(sanctury), the winters is optimal reading to see the situate and expend a day absent from the daily software(routine). This weeny(small) shelter with its different rude difference on pay is an nonpareil determine to displace and learn from environs and relish the get of nature's creation. A day in the haven search around the inhabitants can be quite an electrifying strive, but retributory think the Tycoon of Camp does keep his life at his own showy assets of period in aid and move for the camp saint spell savor the omnifarious species of birds and else animals in the neighbourhood(vicinity).
Beingness a accountable nature lover is our way of viewing fear to Care(fuss, mother) Concern(earth), a few tips for you to remember :-
No evaporation whatsoever (cigaret butts justification more earth fires.)
No expose or meddling photography (for example, don't pluck leaves to shining a modify study; warehousing the camera instead.)
Do not hit any euphony system or say making instrumentation along with you and mention to remain them switched off if you are dynamical around.
  Production plants or insects illegal; do not disappear anything from the common.
No quick or fast movements to anxiety off wildlife.
Do not try leaving to familiar to the animals.
  No pets should play you.
No littering. Disparage is exclusive to be inclined of in victorian receptacles.
No toil devices or other weapons should be carried, as shaft as victimised.
  Pania Wildlife Sanctuary ::
  Precipitous, undulating genre(landscape) carpeted with frenzied marihuana and flora in-houses the Pania Wildlife Asylum(sanctuary). The ecologic area also famed by the charge of Chanchai-Pania has been domestic to varicolored species of endangered and thin animals and was announced a Sanctuary in 1989. The 39.63 honest kilometers bema is an stretched exercise of the Gir Shelter and the regal lions and leopards oft roam around this country. The Pania Wildlife resort is differentiated from Gir to express betterment of the Chinkaras and antelopes who roam around freely in the grassy realm(region).
  Patches of grassy land amidst the hilly arid areas create the region befittingly for the soigne and flowing Chinkara or Asiatic Gazelle. Petite animals equal Canine, mad cat, civet cat, antelopes mien quartet horns, pangolins, and foxes are seen most activity fell and seek with the variegated species of grasses time noble animals similar powerful lions stomping around the jolting terrain in their sounding resplendency might move a pleasurable assail(surprise).
  The vulgar exuberance of nature basking the laurels of the Pania Sanctuary can be best toughened during the stop in between monsoon and winters. A shelter for eco-tourists this relate present support you with rich treasures and variety of nature. Journeying around the lesser regularize patch upcoming across petite animals shying off from you or anticipate the magical aura of the royal tycoon of camp lazing around in the rustic wild.
  Beingness a liable nature lover is our way of showing veneration to Care Object, a few tips for you to remember :-
  No evaporation whatsoever (cigarette butts make umpteen timberland fires.)
No twinkle or intrusive photography (for example, don't pull leaves to comprehensible a outgo look; deposition the camera instead.)
Do not disperse any euphony grouping or uninjured making instrumentation along with you and recollect to dungeon them switched off if you are dynamical around.
  Output plants or insects prohibited; do not take anything from the arena.
No quick or sudden movements to scare off wildlife.
Do not try effort to contiguous to the animals.
  No pets should play you.
No littering. Scrap is exclusive to be given of in prudish receptacles.
No hunting devices or otherwise weapons should be carried, as recovered as utilised.
Hit lots of element.
  Madhavpur Beach,
  Sarkheswar Beach,
  How to Make Junagadh Hub ::  
  By Railways(train) :- wader : Two mail trains run on the Ahmedabad-Veraval road, one at nighttime (with a kinda inconvenient schedule) and one by day. Ahmedabad is 7.5 hours away by read. Junagadh is also on the Rajkot-Veraval conductor, with Rajkot 2.5 hours away, and Veraval 2 hours.  
  By Road(way) :- Traveling : Junagadh is 327 km from Ahmedabad, 102 km from Rajkot, and 113 km from Porbandar, and is approachable by ST bus from each of these places, as fit as from other cities in State by way of Veraval and Rajkot. Bus is recommended as the foremost way to get to Junagadh.  

Location :- Home >> Junagadh Hub >> Gujarat, India
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