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Takhteshwar Mandir(Temple) ::  
Situated on the hillock in the midpoint of the city, this hot occasion is a Shiv tabernacle constructed way confirm in 1893 and named after its client Takhtsinhji. Meeting on the tranquil stone yard of the temple one can individual a panoramic perspective of the total metropolis as easily as the close(surrounding) landscape.
  Gangajalia Lake ::
This picturesque lake placed in the bravery(heart) of the city was at one quantity a dry scrap drop tract which has now been rejuvenated by the house. A jogger's green runs along the scenic lake with intrinsic speakers along the bearing way to dish as a ply for the ears.
Barton Library ::
The Barton Collection is a comely two storeyed structure, fittingly organized for a traveling connexion. It has two wings and a halfway pillar, constructed in ashlar jurist masonry, with Font arc windows and a sloping roof with Mangalore tiles. It is one of the oldest libraries of State(gujarat) and also houses a museum.
Gandhi Smriti ::
The construction improved in recollection to the Dysphemism of Dry commences multifaceted activities. The connective floor structure(housing) the Barton museum is a aggregation of archeological remains from the close regions. The Gandhi museum on the gear story takes one on a impressive jaunt through the story of the Mahatma.
Talaja Hill ::
The serene town of Talaja on the phytologist of Shetrunji River, has around 30 ancient Religion(buddhist) caves cut into the rocks, with dead distinctive carvings of Boddhisatva. The most heroic scheme is the Ebhala Mandapa, a elephantine stargazer with four octagonal pillars in the front.
Gaurishankar Lake and Victoria Forest ::
The vast lake wide over an region(space) of 381 hectares is also locally legendary by the charge of Bor Talav after the proud Dewan Shri Gaurishankar Oza. Conceived and built in 1872 as a food pool for consumption weter, today is one of the most preferred tourist as fountainhead as picnic maculation in the metropolis. The Linked bal-vatika along with the chanted fountains, planetarium, dish refuge and galore author attractions provide ideal entertainment for a day out with nature and home.
Near the lake is a mini biome, a sepulchre of being and fauna, with statesman than 1 lakh trees which provides a peaceful surroundings transferral one unventilated to nature. One of the few city-forests in India, this physical harbour provides security to multifarious species of being and fauna. Within the land premises there are two nurseries which crop plants for gardens and forests.
Nilambag Palace ::
Nilambag, the royal hall now reborn into a heritage hotel reflects the grandeur of the eighteenth century and is set amidst vivid lawns and gardens. The pillared porticos, stepped arches, fine lineman courtyard, movement stone steps, dining author stocked with Indweller chandeliers and the historic deposit takes one position to the era of royalty and splendor.
How to Make Bhavnagar Hub ::
By Airport :- Varied servant airlines join Bhavnagar with Bombay and Ahmedabad.
By Railways(train) :- It is on the Western Line Route. It is 777 kms. from Bombay via Ahmedabad.
By Road(way) :- Express transport buses and esoteric(private) luxuriousness coaches gives an unhurried(easy) connectivity to Bhavnagar. It is situated 791 kms. from Bombay(Mumbai) via Ahmedabad and 200 kms. from Ahmedabad via the Land Highway.

Location :- Home >> Bhavnagar Hub >> Gujarat, India
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