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Palitana Mandir(Temple) ::  
Palitana placed 51 km southerly westmost of Bhavnagar is legendary for beingness the maximal flock of Religion(jain) temples. There are in aggregate 863 temples from wrong to the peak of the Shatrunjaya construction, where the Palitana temples are placed. The line is climbed finished 3950 steps spanning 3.5 km up the Shatrunjaya Hills.
  The cerebration of temples of Palitana spanned over a period of 900 geezerhood and was organized in two phases. From the 11th to12th centuries AD as a line of the revitalisation of tabernacle antiquity all over India, the oldest state of tabernacle architecture was constructed. The secondment phase followed ulterior, from the 16th century AD onwards. Moslem invaders scorched both of the early temples stacked in the 11th century AD, during the 14th and 15th centuries AD. No one individual can be attributed for the constituent of these magnificent temples rather it was the travail of the wealthy profession who were followers of Jainism.
Tadhavaj Hill ::
On the merging of the rivers Shatrunai and Talaji on the elevation top the municipality of Talaja is placed. Carven out in the hills are Buddhistic caves or monasteries which were stacked cardinal of geezerhood ago. A pastoral climb up the comic brings one to splendidly shapely Jainist temples.
Brahm Kund ::
22 km departed from Bhavnagar in the quite locale is situated the townsfolk of Sihore which was the ancient city of the Gohilwad Area. The stag(royal) hall and its painting verbalise virtually the grandeur of the era in which it was stacked and the galore(many) temples improved around the municipality verbalize of the unworldly motion of its inhabitants. The Gautameshwar tabernacle lake and the Shivah tabernacle built on its ridge is one of the most exquisite examples of this part.
Gopnath Mahadev Temple and Beach ::
Placed on the sustain of the seashore on the Disparity of Khambat, this Shiva temple is where the devotional mathematician Narsinh Mehta supposedly had his spiritual experience near 500 eld ago. Set on the seashore, the temple is an ideal die for all wanting a unworldly and undyed(netural) trigger(trip). The shore in this expanse is laden of tiny islands and offers a picturesque enjoy to the spectator.
Ghogha Beach,
Mahuva Beach,
How to Make ::
By Air (plane) :- Varied servant airlines join Bhavnagar with Bombay and Ahmedabad.
By Railway(Separate) :- It is on the Western Line Route. It is 777 kms. from Bombay via Ahmedabad.
By Road(Traveling) :- Express transport buses and esoteric(private) luxuriousness coaches gives an unhurried(easy) connectivity to Bhavnagar. It is situated 791 kms. from Bombay(Mumbai) via Ahmedabad and 200 kms. from Ahmedabad via the Land Highway.

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