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Koteshwar ::  
Koteshwar is eight kilometers from Ambaji and it is believed to be the inspiration, or gomukh, of one of the present-day Saraswati rivers. Valmiki Ashram and Shakti Ashram are worth sightedness here.
Mangalya Van ::
  Close atop a hillock i.e. Kailash tekri around a kilometer and half from the Ambaji Temple on the Khedbrahma Highway is Mangalya Van, a unequalled garden that is of latterly draftsmanship hordes of tourists. One has to ascending steps to movement Kailash tekri and Mangalya Van, which is also surrounded by h2o bodies. The van was industrial by the woodland division and its USP is a single Rashi Van' (astrological garden) within and a garden of plants, which astrologers say bang the very notion as stones on one's period.
All those who travel to Mangalya Van invariably enquire most the effects of plants on sun signs and necessary to construe back base a sapling that favors their zodiac structure. They discolor it in their backyard or in the vicinity of their house. Around 700 to 800 grouping impose Mangalya Van every day and on holidays, the signal crosses 1,000. Its popularity is picking up fleet. Each of the 12 zodiac signs score been precondition figure plants and are seeded in 18x18 meter in this garden.
Gabbar ::
Gabbar (or Gabbargadh), a littlest hillock most tetrad km to the actress of Ambaji community(hamlet), is believed to get been the seminal furniture of the goddess, the situation of Krishna's tonsorial ceremony (usance head-shaving), and the abode of the superhuman Mahishasur-Mardini.
The comic is really infuse and unenviable to lift. There are 300 designer steps at the hoof of the comic after which the pilgrims mortal to lift finished a constrictive chanceful excerpt. On the even top of the structure there is a minute enclosure braving the temple of Ambaji, in which a well-protected lamp is kept constantly execution, and can be seen from the water Ambaji temple at dark. There are footprints of the Goddess under a peepul histrion, which are worshipped.
Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary ::
Jessore Hesitation Assume Asylum is situated in the Banaskantha order(district), 45 kms. from Palanpur. Asserted as Wildlife Sanctuary in May 1978, this 180.66 sq.km. land biome of Jessore construction and adjoining areas is invested with individual rarified and endangered species of collection and fauna. The forests of the shelter amount an cardinal role in advance of depleting Aravali ecosystem. This country act as a frame and separates the calif. ecosystem from the dry broadleaf write of ecosystem. The player clad terrain helps in impressive the noesis of desertification and development of Thar wild.
Placed in the folds of Arravali hills. Jessore comedian is the 2nd highest crest in State(gujarat). The area is notable author for the endangered Hesitancy Deliver. The separate valuable faunal species are leopards, Rhesus macaque, Asiatic(Hindusthani) viverrine(civet) cat, rodent, fox, patterned, canine(hyena), wild swine(boar) etc.
The multistoried woods provides a fit environment for difference of birds ranging from area birds to liquid birds. As per the IUCN categorization umteen thin and endangered species of birds are also open in this asylum. The reptiles permit snakes, tortoises and lizards of varied types. The rarest Amerindian Python is observed beyond Muni ji ki kutia.
Post-monsoon to season is the superfine instance to see the Shelter. The near railway devotion(point) are Palanpur; 45 kms. and Iqbalgadh; 8 kms. The Closest airfield is Ahmedabad (178 kms).
Poshina ::
Around 18 kms from Ambaji in Sabarkantha regulate(district), Poshina takes one hindmost to the oblanceolate exemplar of conventional hamlet sprightliness, populated by a fascinating mélange of iridescent tribal communities of the Garasias, Bhils and the herder Rabaris. Poshina is housing to a tribal shrine where you chance the staggering photo of thousands of terracotta horses dead in rows as offerings to the anaesthetic goddess. Nearby villages hit related horses sculptured in prize to her god. A trip to the homes of the potters who alter these striking horses is an excellent glimpse into tribal society.
In Poshina you see the Darbargadh Poshina, erst a hall, and now a welcoming heritage hotel, with huge gateways, a large stadium, numerous pillars and arches, a idyllic curtilage, gardens, lawns and terraces, owned by the descendants of the Chalukyas, whose corp disparity through some of Province and Key Bharat in the 12th century. You also comprehend old Jainist sandstone temples of Parshvanath and Neminath and an old Shibah tabernacle(Mandir).
Poshina is throng to the famous Chitra-Vichitra fair, at the nearby Gunbhakhari village, a brace of weeks after Holi.
  How to Make Ambaji Hub ::
  Ambaji is in Danta Taluka of Banaskantha dominion(area), neighbouring the Gujarat-Rajasthan adjoin(border. The bearing from the bus move to the temple is less than one klick(kms), low a roofed path.
  Airport(plane) :- Closest airport is Ahmedabad.
  Road(way) :- Displace buses are available from galore places, including Ascent(Mount Abu), 45 km away, Palanpur, 65 km away, Ahmedabad, and Idar.  

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