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Purana Quila

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 One does not bonk to go far to see the old defence or Purana Quila dead stoically amidst frenzied foliage.Built on the position of the most ancient of the numerous cities of Delhi, Indraprastha, Purana Quila is roughly rectangular in cause having a racecourse of nearly two kilometers.
The clotted ramparts chapleted by merlons acquire figure gateways provided with bastions on either support. It was enclosed by a stretching trench, related to river Yamuna, which old to course on the easternmost of the post. The yankee gross way, called the Talaqui darwaza or the proscribed gateway, combines the typically Islamic acute arch with Hindu Chhatris and brackets; whereas the meridional gateway titled the Humayun Darwaza also had a related mean.
The massive gateway and walls of Purana Quila were built by Humayun and the groundwork arranged for the new majuscule, Dinpanah.
The use was carried send by Sher Monarch Suri,who displaced Humayun, Purana Quila is the venue for the impressive channel and swooning impart held every daytime.
Location ::
Near Delhi Zoo, Mathura Road,
importent information ::
Nearest Metro Station :: Pragati Maidan.
Open :: All Days.
Entry :: 5 (Indians), 100 (foreigners).
Photography :: Free (still camera); 25 (video camera)

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