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 Surguja dominion is located in the septrional endeavour of Chhattisgarh Country of Bharat. Borders of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh States are adjoining to the regularise. This district has over improver between south-eastern section of Vindhyachal - Baghelkhand location of peninsular Bharat.  
Temple carvings and early ruins see the story of this site to the era before Deliverer (BC). According to the spot books Baronage Avatar had visited Surguja during his fourteen period of foreigner and a classify of places here are named after him, his member Laxmana and partner Sita, including Ramgarh, Sita-Bhengra undermine and Laxmangarh. Most of the anesthetic population is prefab up of the Pando and Korwa tribes, who regard themselves as descendants of the Pandavas and Kauravas (the warring clans of the epos Mahabharatum) respectively. The come height of the atlantic is 600 meters.
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Ambikapur city
Kailash Caves
Kendai Waterfall
Pawai Waterfall
Shivpur Shiv Temple
Thinthini Patthar
Tomar Pingla
Ambikapur port is placed in the Surguja Dominion of the Chhattisgarh Province. This city is the office of the full Surguja District and is famous for the ancient Mahamaya Temple.
There is a beautiful position Maa Mahamaya Mandir in Ambikapur city. It is awesome to see. There is a businessman beside the mandir. Everyone who goes to Ambikapur, should meet the mandir.
Feature of Dance Sarguja District ::
Karma Dance
Shaila Dance
Suwa Dance
Only males participate in this group diversion, performed during open functions, someone festivals, and governmental rallies, and in January after excerpt the yield. All the dancers view two insensitive bamboo sticks and score the sticks of their someone in unison.
Kendai Waterfall ::
This unaffected falls is on the Bilaspur way.

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